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At present it is a pleasure to welcome author Susan Meissner to HJ!

Hi Susan and welcome to HJ! We're so excited to speak to you about your new launch, The War of War!

Summary for the reader of this e-book:

Elise Sontag is a typical American teenager; his German immigrant mother and father have been dwelling in Davenport for years in Iowa. Elise was born there. But his normal life has turned the wrong way up in 1943, when his friendly and delicate father was arrested for a suspected Nazi sympathizer. The family can’t be convinced of their loyalty to the USA, but is shipped to the Texas Internation Camp. Elise meets a Japanese woman from Los Angeles who was born in America as an immigrant mum or dad, and together they type a friendship, and collectively they type a friendship with Elise, although Elise and her relations are being returned in Germany within the last yr of the conflict. In the hell of warfare and in the aftermaths where all Elise believes she is questioned, she asks Mariko's friendship to remind her to determine who has the correct to inform her who she is. Is this privilege alone, or do other individuals solely define their id?

Share the Opening Strains of this Ebook:

Los Angeles, 2010

I & # 39; would take a thief who would thanks for locating one individual I need to see earlier than I die.
If Agnes hadn't stumbled upon me to steal it, it wouldn't have started to overlook issues, and Teddy wouldn't have given me an iPad for my birthday so I might get a calendar and addresses and photographs in one place, and without the iPad, I wouldn't have recognized the best way to look somebody is missing your life for six many years.
There was a long time, for extra years than I belief, as a result of I have spoken Mariko aloud to anybody.

Please share some enjoyable information about this ebook…

  • I had decided at Davenport, Iowa, at an early stage because of the heavy concentration of German immigrants, nevertheless it had long been there; I wanted someone in the country to be my eye and ensure I obtained the setup info proper. So I acquired to Fb and asked if I was certainly one of my followers in the Quad Cities space and want to assist me out on the Davenport Library Research Department and perhaps ask about this and especially the older era. Somebody who didn’t just make them to me and pleased, but he who was a stranger turned a pal. Karen and I had to meet within the suburb of Chicago too long ago, and we roasted our new friendship for the most effective deep dish of pizza.
  • Writing a e-book was updated in my coronary heart and in my thoughts with very completely satisfied reminiscences of my 18-year-old man and I and our youngsters lived in south-western Germany when Bob was an lively air drive. I used to be very glad to recollect the scrumptious aroma of recent brotchen and how delicious Lebkuchen was and the way the panorama might be as lovely as the Christmas card. I kutinut a cup of espresso Tchibo model and pfeffernussea all the time once I wrote Elise in Germany of the time, especially once I wrote that the deprivation of the conflict made them espresso from acorns. 12, I didn’t know that beekeepers are using smoke uninteresting bee odors so that the guard shouldn’t be thought-about an enemy. The Crystal City camp really had an orange grove, and the Internees actually took bee care.

In case your work is selected for a film, what scene do you employ to listen to the primary characters and why?

As a result of Elinen's relationship together with her father is central to the story, I ask for this passage. It’s also within the early levels of the guide and does not spoil anything to your readers. On this state of affairs, Elise has just joined her father, Otto Sontag, who was imprisoned in a prison camp for male prisoners in North Dakota. But now, Dad, Mother, Elise and Elise's Little Brother Max are on the practice, together after six months, and they’re tied to the Crystal Metropolis family camp. Mom and Max have fallen asleep and Elise and Otto are talking to each other in a low voice. The scene is written from the viewpoint of Elinen:

"Everybody in the home thinks the FBI says you are," I stated and minimize him off. "All the terrible things they accused of you all believe."
Papa sighed and opened his mouth to say one thing, but I crammed the area again with my own words.
“People took home Mommia, Max, and me. . . as we had some disgusting disease that they could get if they were too close. I lost all my friends. Even Collette. The kids in school called me, Papa. They called you names. ”
” But the names will not be what we are, Elise. ”
I didn't question my dad, and but right here we have been all on the practice that went to jail for the camp. , with an armed guard in front of the door – all due to the names Papa was referred to as: a German sympathizer. Nazi-lover. Rebellious. Infiltrator.
"It seems like they are," I stated.
She was quiet for a second. "It's not always like that," he stated lastly. “The world is in war and there is no war. . . it is not like any other time. I know this. I was fourteen, just like you, when my father came home from a great war. It was a terrible moment, the years when he was gone, and I had no sense of what everyone was fighting for. But it didn't last. It ended. Wars begin and wars end. Peace will come again. We just have to stick to who we are, deep, so that we know ourselves on the other side when it's over. Do you hear what I say? ”
“ Yes, ”I stated. I heard him, however I didn't know what he meant, and he knew it.
“Don't forget who you are, Elise. Don't let anger and bitterness. ”
” But we didn't do something improper! “I said loudly. Max stirred in my arms and then quietly.
”Typically it isn’t proper and incorrect however now and later. Right now we’ve to make a troublesome state of affairs that we don’t deserve and it isn’t right. But later, when the struggle is over, we keep in mind that we’ll not let it break us. Hmm? Do you perceive? “
For a few years after this practice experience, there can be moments once I questioned if Papa had believed he got here out on the opposite aspect with out interruption. But that day I decided to consider it was potential. I nodded.

What would you like individuals to remove from studying this e-book?

I consider this story will give its readers whatever they’re prepared to tackle it. A lot of what occurred to the imaginary Elise and her household occurred to actual German American families. Each time we’re uncovered to past occasions, we have now the opportunity to mirror on what these events imply to us. I can inform you what I got here from scripting this guide, and that I know that I’m preventing like everybody else to all the time choose love for prejudice. I really like this mom citation from Teresa. "If you judge people, you don't have time to love them." It's so easy to make judgments and so it's straightforward to be fallacious. It takes extra time and effort to be pleasant and respectful and sensible than to be afraid and open-minded and hasty, but I feel it's value it. Particularly once we speak about how we deal with other individuals.

What are you at present working on? What different publications have you deliberate?

The ebook that I just began to bully proper now doesn't have a title but, and it's just the roughest tough sketches, nevertheless it's set in San Francisco at first of the 20 th century. century. The lifetime of three ladies is coming closer to at least one man's machinations. The story in all probability begins with the invention of the physique, many years later…

Thank you for writing a blog in HJ!

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Enter Giveaway: Fill within the Rafflecopter type and ship a remark to this query. Q: How did the place the place you have been raised affected your adults? ] Take off the conflict from the last yr:

I didn't notice shiny black automobiles, two of which have been parked in entrance of our home. I got here by means of the aspect door, as regular, to drop the varsity bag in a small washroom out of the kitchen and hold up my jacket. I knew that when my mom asked about my day, I couldn't maintain her. Nor did I need to. My mother was a sensitive soul, my dad stated whose gentleness and honesty made me need to be mild and trustworthy. I had never lied to her earlier than. He asked me how my day was, and I went to spit the whole lot on him. I want to inform him that I tried to tell Mr and Mrs Hobart what Lucy had completed, and she or he asks why I gained't inform anyone in class hours ago. He would call by telephone after which I might immediately come to a woman whom no one might belief to maintain a secret, and I might in all probability have hassle because I didn't converse before. I informed my mother was the suitable factor, I knew, but my coronary heart was pounding understanding that my life was about to vary.
I came to the kitchen and the first thought once I noticed my mother and father sit in the kitchen with a desk – and a man in a go well with standing of their arms crossed his chest – was that they already knew. They knew Lucy Hobart ran away and I might have been aware of this info after midday and hadn't stated something.
My dad appeared up at a man raising them. "This is our daughter, Elise." Papa's voice sounded strange, as if she was nervous, but tried to sound calm. Or afraid, however making an attempt to sound daring. His German accent, often so delicate that it was hardly observed, seemed clearer. My mother and father have been additionally hair, like my little brother and I, even more honey than blond, and their eyes have been gray-blue like mine. They have been average built. Papa used the yarn eyes. They appeared like abnormal People, and most days seemed like them. But not at this time.
"Keep the seat," the person stated to me, nodding at an empty chair at the table.
"What's going on?" I stated, although I knew. I knew what occurred was that Lucy Hobart was caught out and I might have had the opportunity to inform the instructor at college and I didn't say something.
"Sit," stated the person, not unpleasantly, but not superbly,
"Do as you tell, Elise," Papa stated.
My hand shook once I pulled the chair. Mother's eyes have been glassy when she checked out me, a nasty smile on her lips. He was in all probability already wondering learn how to tell the police – for it’s definitely who this man was – I wasn't yet fourteen. Only a baby
It wasn't till I used to be sitting down once I heard scraping and crashing and shifting in other rooms in the house. Furnishings sounds are reflected. When the packing containers are open and closed. Heavy footwear for floorboards on prime flooring above head.
"Who's upstairs?" I stated. Certainly they didn't look for Lucy Hobart in my bed room. He was a grade. We weren’t even good pals.
The man within the go well with stated nothing.
"Everything will be fine," Papa stated, in the same voice, he advised my police my identify.
in the mean time once I out of the blue realized that Papa was residence at work thirty within the afternoon. Perhaps this wasn't after Lucy Hobart.

Extract. © Released with permission. All rights reserved.

E-book info:

Elise Sontag is a typical 14-year-old Iowa who is aware of the struggle however was far from its scope. Then his father, who’s a statutory US resident for almost 20 years, is abruptly arrested as a suspect of the Nazis. The family is shipped to the Texas Worldwide Camp, where Elise knows all of the beloved and acquainted, together with her personal id, behind the armed guards and the barbed wire.

The only factor that makes the camp profitable is to satisfy one another. Mariko Inoue, a Japanese American teenager from Los Angeles, whose friendship makes Elis consider his life he knew before the conflict, can be again. In one desert in the desert, Elise and Mariko firmly dream of being young American ladies who have a future outdoors the fence

But when the Sontag family is changed by enemy strains for American prisoners, Elise faces a person whose struggle needs to make him. In this devastating crucible, he has to seek out if he has the desire to rise above the unfairness and anger and to re-claim his personal destiny or disappear into the picture that others have forged.

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Susan Meissner is at present the preferred historical ebook author in the US, with over half one million books printed in fifteen languages. His novels are as vibrant as the sky, which acquired a big evaluate of the Library Journal; The Secrets of Energetic Life (Finalist of the 2015 Goodreads Selection Award); and Marigolds Autumn, titled Booklist's Prime Ten Ladies's Fiction titles for 2014. She can also be RITA Finalist and Christy Award in addition to Carol Award Winner. Californian native, she attended Point Loma Nazarene University and has additionally written a workshop as a volunteer at Phrases Alive, a non-profit organization in San Diego that helps dangerous kids promote love for reading and writing.
Go to Susan's web site: or Instagram as @soozmeissner, on Twitter at @SusanMeissner or at P.19459003]