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As we speak it is a pleasure to welcome May McGoldrick to HJ!

Good day Nikoo & Jim and welcome to HJ! We're so excited to speak to you about your new launch, Highland Crown!

Thanks for being with us!

Summary of the e-book reader here:

Highland Crown is the first e-book in the brand new Royal Highlander collection. The novel was set in 1820 on the peak of Regency, and England and Scotland are in complete turmoil. Isabella Drummond is a educated physician who has just lately been widowed, and Cinaed Waterproof coat is a ship captain with a mysterious previous. In our story Isabella and Cinaed are thrown collectively in the Scottish Radical Conflict. Their relationship has been examined in the hearth as a result of ongoing social unrest. We consider that the battle will make their story timeless.

Highland Crown hits an actual historical past that the majority readers might not know. When it comes to political unrest 1820 there’s much in widespread between Scotland and our society. Early critics love the novel, and multiple stated it: "I gave all the feelings of Outlander." We will reside with nice reward.

Please share your favourite line (s) or quote from this e-book:

Okay, in a specific scene, Cinaed appears on the men, ladies and youngsters of Highland and thinks, “They have been scary. He had launched two so-called. The crown enemy with quite a few armed men, however these individuals, who have been born in the same Highland blood that handed by way of his physique, had come here solely with empty arms and raised voices. They got here to this protest, crying for reform, freedom, justice, simply free, clear conscience … and their courage.

Please share some fun information about this guide… [19659012] In this novel, fiction and history are so intently woven that the reader can’t inform them many occasions. For example, we present a prologue of Sir Walter Scott, a fiction writer who has really created the romantic image of Highlanders, which is now being held.
  • We made Isabella Drummond, our hero, a physician due to the existence of a real life physician by Dorothea Erxelben. He was the primary female physician in Germany and acquired a medical diploma from the University about 70 years earlier than our story.
  • The thought of ​​this novel got here first to us twenty years ago once we met a young man from Edinburgh who claimed that
  • This collection sparked the interest of a Hollywood manufacturing company when our story was nonetheless in the conceptual part
  • .

    What does the first hero of your hero appeal to and vice versa?

    The first thing that draws Cinaedia Isabella is that when she fishes her out of the water (her ship has simply exploded in the Scottish reef) and saves her life. He is quite shocked by the fact that this lovely lady who sews her is an actual doctor.

    Isabella immediately pulled into this seemingly indestructible Highlander. Cinaed is loyal and protracted. He is a reluctant hero with a dark past, and he will soon study that he’s a man who leads the best way, knows his own thoughts and acts ruthlessly when the state of affairs demands it. Who doesn't like that man?

    Has any scene blushed, cried, or laughed whereas writing? And why?

    Auld Jean is a aspect signal that becomes the mother of Isabella. He has a means of expressing himself, which is sort of distinctive…

    Isabella was launched when Jean arrived to save lots of him from his ideas. Coming in the mirror, he circled speechlessly around Isabella and punctiliously examined the gown. Right now it seemed that the older lady's again was somewhat steeper. He was extra unstable together with his ft than he was, and his hand shook more vigorously. No shock. Jean was indispensable in the remedy of Cinaed in fever. He needed to be emptied of trial, especially as it solely increased the load of his persevering with concern for his nephew.

    Jean threw a important eye on the gown and dresser as a few of Paris's modists.

    ”Rattling, however yer Bonnie Lass. “He sighed out the skirts to get the full effect of the brocade, then pulled down the body and revealed Isabella's breasts. “When you go to the market with a nut, a lover, don't hide in a sack.”

    Readers ought to read this e-book…

    … because Highland Crown seamlessly combines historical past and fiction. is a superb romance

    What are you working for now? What different publications do you’ve got in your books?

    We've simply finished the final edits of Highland Jewel, the second ebook of this Royal Highlander collection. It's the story of Maisie, the younger sister of Isabella. He is a secret rebel who has fought in the streets for a common proper to vote without his family understanding anything about his activity. His world is turning the wrong way up and a very intimidating former officer in the 42nd Highlanders regiment just makes his life harder. In this story, readers study extra about how Isabella and Cinaed are going… because their adventures aren’t over yet!

    We are presently working on Highland Sword, the third e-book in the collection. Readers are in a few of BIG's surprises, because heroine Morrigan is a drive that ought to be stored.

    Thanks for the blog at HJ!

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    Participate in Giveaway: Fill in the Rafflecopter type and ship a comment to this question: Most of the novels of the Regency period primarily cope with the English nobility and the lives of their excessive society. The Highland Crown is an exception. What is your curiosity in reading the romance and tragedies of actual peculiar individuals who lived in the course of the period? Might you advocate other books written in the identical method?

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    Extract from Highland Crown:

    The sound bang shocked him and Isabella sat in the bolt upright.
    He stayed around him where he was for a couple of minutes and tried to clear up the confusion. He couldn't understand his setting. The place was unknown, and he couldn't keep in mind how he was here or why he was right here. It was like a dream he couldn't escape.
    However was his dream of Bang? He blinked and tried to clear his head.
    Jean, Aunt Gordon. Isabella was in the Highlands, an previous lady's cottage. In the hearth, the portal hearth burned right into a submergence, waving a glowing glow on the floor and walls and humble furnishings.
    The door turned robust, because of the wind of the wind, and banged once more towards the desk. closed window. The transparent door swept by way of the open door, splashed the stone flooring with rain that shone with yellow drops.
    In a salty environment, small flames attacked for a moment, and he glanced around the small cottage.
    The lady was nowhere to be seen.
    The speedy explosion collection pressured Isabella to go. The explosion was close to, and he shortly stunned his boots. Throwing at his gaze, he crossed the door and broke out of the rain. Right here on the Highland coast, the night time sky remained gray in the summer time, and it never produced the purity of southern clocks. Even the storm clouds could not remove the twilight. However one other solar burned brightly with water. He stepped out into the hard-packed sand and stared on the wind in the rain with the pure scene in entrance of him.
    There is a half-mile from the stone seashore, a heavy fog was virtually severed, the burning remains of the ship on the reef.
    The siblings of the villagers alternated the part of the black boat that pointed in the direction of the wreck. A number of men stood on a awful rock display, reaching out to a furious surf. The attention of Jean's neighbors was drawn to offshore events, but Isabella moved cautiously on the shady sides of the massive boulders to the sea. Here he saw and couldn’t find it.
    The thick rotating cloud coated the reef for a couple of moments, lifting identical to the wave took the burning ship off the rocks. The cries and curses have been thrown into the air as the ship went. Isabella had no experience of shipwreck, however he thought that sinking was a troublesome blow to splashes on the seashore.
    Before lengthy, the villagers started to retreat to gather a number of tanks and a number of the ships that have been transported before the rollers. Collectively, they pulled their treasure on the seashore.
    Isabella reminded that the visitor had come to Jean's door earlier. They needed to see the ship hit the reef. They knew this was coming. The ocean takes you and the ocean presents you;
    Via the mist he’s in search of a boat of the same length that’s near the rock point. It disappeared into the pit, and when it rose again, the boat was driving in the decrease water.
    Knowledgeable level went out

    Isabella received up and took a few steps ahead when a man with an extended boat crashed again, collapsed and disappeared into the surf. From where he stood, he couldn't see who shot the musket, nevertheless it was clear to him that the villagers had decided to complain about what they might. They needed them not to frustrate the survivors. And they might not break any sort of disturbing witness
    Isabella seemed at the boxing on her abdomen taking a look at the fact that the Longboat battle turned away from the stones. After some time, it disappeared into the fog.
    The villagers nonetheless pulled the wrecks out of the water, however he seemed at the unseen eyes. In his opinion, it disappears when the rain hit him, he thought-about the absurd naive of the life he led. Isabella had owned his whole existence for healing individuals. However in the actual world, men repeatedly determined each other's lives with out hesitation or regret. He had seen it. In Edinburgh, her personal husband had died of a bullet-like man from a bullet. Though they ran from the home, he had seen the bodies on the streets that have been hidden by the lads who needed to shield them. And he had seen it right here. Now
    How lengthy did he stand there, he didn't know. But out of the blue he discovered that Jean was dashing toward him from the cottage. The previous lady reached her and laughed at Isabella's cloak.
    "I told you to stay inside," Jean stated passionately, shifting towards the door. “This is a village shop. It's not Yers business. Go back before someone sees you. ”
    ” Who put the ship on hearth? ”
    “ They did the blasted cucumbers. “She would spit in the water. "They wanted to deny us what they were carrying."
    "A villager shot a man on a boat," Isabella said, and did not want to forget what he had seen. "In cold blood."
    "I didn't see anything about this. And you did. ”
    No Regulation. No principle. No compassion. The one thing that was necessary was his own survival. That's how they lived. And he thought that they had all the time lived. That's why John introduced him here. Still, it was troublesome to prove. But he had to be quiet. Three days, he reminded himself. Three days and he sailed out of the Highlands. And the occasions of this night time crammed just one skinny figure from the tragic memory of Scottish life.
    "Go in, I say." Jean looked at the boulders in the villages of the villagers. "Now. Somebody can see you. Don't speak about filming. We don't have weapons in the Highlands." from the village of the boat and the long strip leading from Duff's head, the man took himself through the whipped cream. "I don't care about saved goods. The villagers can hold every little thing. But this man needs assist."
    "Wait. You possibly can't." He was honored with modest financial interests, but for Isabella it was a duty and an honor. he was always responsible for the path he had chosen, which was irrelevant to who or what the patient's conditions were. Friend or enemy, poor or rich, he did the same for everyone. He was given a gift he had decided to use.
    He quickly moved down the stone slope to the water's edge, and Jean stayed close to him, storming all the way.
    The long dark hair of the man was matted with seaweed and sand. His face was buried in stones and sand. He was clearly a big man, tall and wide over his shoulders. He made a well-made woolen jacket and high-quality leather for boots that he was not the usual tar. He was either a passenger or a crew.
    Isabella put her back in the rain of rain and accelerated next to her. He put his fingers in his throat and felt a pulse. His skin was bad and cold
    "God needed a canine lifeless," Jean muttered and hovered over him.
    “Your wishes can come true. He's dead more than alive. "
    If this was the man who was shot, he imagined there was no grace if the villagers found him alive. And his body will never be found.
    “Help me turn her up.”
    ”I don't make it easier to with that. And for those who make any sense, you’ll depart him and let the ocean take him. ”
    Isabella wiped his face of salt rain and pulled his arm and dominated his turn to show him sideways. The bear's progress coated his face, but his skin was as mild as the ash, his breathable low. He grabbed his jacket on his back. His hand got here out of purple. He pushed his hair open and saw his black vest above the opening or coronary heart.
    "I knew it." He pushed his hand towards the wound to cease bleeding.
    "Let her go."
    She weighed more durable. The storm and the horrible sea have been combined with Jean's warnings earlier than fading. His mind was transported again to his residence in Edinburgh. The stranger's face was Archibald's. Warm blood evaporated by means of his fingers. All her coaching and she or he couldn't save her.
    Isabella didn't let this man die.
    Archibald was his good friend, mentor, and instructor. Simply as his father died, his loss had hit him with life's uncertainties. Duty for the welfare of her sister and daughter was overwhelming. After some time, he’s stripped of the perfect existence he would have lived. At the age of 4 and thirty, he needed to study to survive.
    "Not much is washing the ground." Jean's voice came to him in the center of the blocks where he seemed at the villagers from the seashore. "Folk is coming in that way to see if something has penetrated so far."
    Blood continued to pulse from the wound.
    The previous lady blended back to Isabella. “You have to go in, lover. Now. They are not too happy with this. ”
    ” I can't let her die. Not again. I can't, ”he stated, the voice belonged to an alien.
    Isabella reached seaweed that was washed subsequent to them. He pushed it to the wound. The bullets have been nonetheless in his class. If he might unload it, sew the wound, he might stop bleeding. It was the one strategy to save her. Ten years in the past, he helped his father work with bloody males who took him again to Wurzburg for the Battle of Leipzig. After every week, they still had Russian muskets and shrapnel in their furious wounds. Mortality was terrible
    The pouch containing surgical devices was subsequent to the crib. “Help me take her up the hill.”
    “This never sees the inside of the cottage. Leave him away. ”
    ” I pull him there. ”
    Jean again appealed to Isabella. – Yer Daft, lady. Keep in mind something I stated final night time, do you? ”
    A patch of seaweed steadily helped blood move. Isabella appeared on the sandy seashore, making an attempt to determine how she might get her up the hill.
    "You’re listening to me now, mistress -"
    "I'm not leaving him," he clipped tightly. "You hear me? I won't let him die here on the beach. Now you do what you see fit. But if you want to bring this man to your friends, you can just hand me over with him." can be a creature with two
    Each began the voice of someone who referred to as the seashore outdoors the boulders. ", Jean you lift up." Consider me now. "
    The urgency of the old woman's voice sank.
    From where Isabella waited, he saw the man carry the stou t cudgelia.
    "Nay, Habbie. Nothing, curse," he despised. “The dogs exploded instead of giving us our earning share. And for what purpose it wants, I would like to know. "
    " If one of them sails near the ground, I think the boys will take it out of their hand. "
    " Well, the explosion was a great show, be sure, "he pointed out. "What do you think they had to go to this sort of trouble?"
    "French gold and Old Boney's crown, no doubt. Don't want that much to fall into the wrong hands. “Habbie laughed. "Maybe they had carried a gun or two."
    In the illegal highlands, thought Isabella.
    "And maybe a barrel of powder or two?"
    “You can be something, woman. Wouldn't be the first smuggler running too close to the head. ”
    Isabella disapproved of a person who lay motionless in the sand beside him. Smuggler.
    The voice of these calling from the seashore drew the eye of the villager. “Come to us if someone is washing the ground. Do not pull any boxes from the sea to yourself. ”
    ” In fact, you're silly. I additionally need to do something like that. ”
    Isabella didn't know if it was nonetheless protected to let go of aid. The sailor or the smuggler or the passenger, or who this man was, remained unconscious. But beneath his palms he felt his coronary heart. He didn't surrender.
    He thought Jean was on his means back.
    "Thank you," Isabella said. "Now can you help me pull her to the cottage?"
    "Greatest to observe her again. Explosion-proof appears lifeless sufficient. ”
    ” He isn’t lifeless. He – ”
    The words he grabbed in his throat as a hand have been shot and held, his fingers gripped his windpipes by squeezing onerous.
    Isabella shouted on the air, amazed at the assault. He desperately tried to cry himself out of a lethal grip. He tried to beat his face, however he couldn't. His claws dug into his wrist, however he wouldn't let go. His eyes have been open but obscure. He had the intention of murdering and had nothing he might do to cease him.
    His lung threatened to break out. This was the top, he thought. His destiny was not to die in front of Archibald and his rebellious comrades in Edinburgh, but right here alone, his life suppressed him on the storm of Highland. Jean would certainly push his body into the ocean, and his lifeless physique would quickly comply with. Maisie and Morrigan's face blink over their eyes. These two ought to survive with out him, Isabella decided to feel dropping his consciousness. That they had each other they usually have been not youngsters however robust ladies. They should be.
    However his finish did not come so fast. Surprisingly, the person launched his grip with the same amazement he attacked him. Isabella fell back on a stone seashore, coughing and making an attempt to pressure the air again into the chest.
    One breath. His lungs are protesting. Another breath. He breathed. Respiratory.
    Jean glanced beside the person's head and waved proudly a good-sized stone in his hand.
    "This time I would say that the sea dog is really dead."

    . © Released with permission. All rights reserved.

    E-book info:

    Scottish Satisfaction, Consent and Ardour…
    The 1820s radical warfare tore Britain. In Scotland, the streets cry out for freedom, equality and brotherhood, and the current crowned British royal gasoline planned visits will improve Rising.
    On this new collection, three extraordinary ladies have to seek out courage in the Highlands to battle for the future of the nation


    Inverness, 1820
    This legendary metropolis is in the North Sea, the place Highland rebels and British authorities are in battle. Among them is a stupendous younger widow with rare and particular presents.

    DESIRING: Isabella Drummond
    A true beauty and a educated doctor who has inspired longing and thriller in many men, Isabella is hunted by English and Scottish rebels.

    DESCRIPTION: Cinaed Mackintosh
    Cinaed comes from a troublesome youngster from her baby who responds to anyone aside from herself, until Isabella saves her life – and increases her danger. Now the only method Cinaed can maintain her protected is to return to the place she was expelled. When the reality of his past comes forth, what do these two loved ones sacrifice collectively … eternally?
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    Meet the writer:

    USA In the present day Bestselling Authors Nikoo and Jim wrote their first May McGoldrick romance using historical figures that Jim investigated by incomes a doctorate in sixteenth-century Scottish and English literature. Nikoo, a mechanical engineer, is a story story. He's simply characters and feelings. Jim is about making and feeling the place. Collectively, they have produced over forty fast-paced, conflict-filled historical and modern novels and two non-fiction books referred to as May McGoldrick and Jan Coffey.

    These fashionable and prolific writers write historical romance, excitement, thriller and young adult novels. They’re 4 occasions the Rita finalist and numerous awards for their writing, including the Romantic Occasions Journal Reviewers' Selection Award, the Daphne DeMaurier Prize, the three NJRW Golden Leaf Awards, two Holt Medallions, and the Connecticut Press Club Award for Greatest Fiction . Their work is part of the Scottish Nationwide Museum's in style cultural library assortment.
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