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At present, it is a pleasure to welcome writer Hazel Before HJ!

Hello Hazel and welcome to HJ! We are so excited to speak with you about your new release, Ellie and Harpmaker! love, freedom, music and achievement. Ellie is a housewife with a dream she by no means managed to realize. However when he meets eccentric harp maker Dan, that dream turns into a reality and triggers a stream of sudden events. Then Ellie reveals an necessary secret. His choice to reveal it’ll take both of their lives.

Share the opening strains of this ebook:

A lady got here to the barn right now. Her hair was the colour of a walnut. His eyes have been broken in October. Her socks have been cherry-colored, which was noticeable because all her clothes have been unhappy.

Inform A couple of enjoyable information about this e-book …

I had the thought for the e-book from many people who got here to me the harp performances (I harppisti) and declared: "I've always wanted to play the harp!"
wrote the first draft of pen and paper , sitting on the sector with a cat subsequent to me.
The duvet of the e-book has one of many characters: a pheasant named Phineas.

Tell us a bit about the characters in your e-book. Once you wrote your foremost character, was anything shocking about them?

Dan is a charmingly quirky character who goes down all the best way from the steps of the stairs to the mushrooms in his day by day stroll. She lives in an remoted previous barn on the pier. When he isn’t obsessively making harps, he obsessively makes sandwiches. Elliie in flip has a suppressed artistic aspect. He doesn't understand how rather more he might do in his life.

Dan has an unusual perspective and method of describing things. His voice got here to me instantly, but I do not know where it (or he) came from. I don't know anyone remotely like him. He has power and direct intimacy to which I was instantly hooked up and I wanted to study extra. Ellie was also stunned by the best way she slowly realizes issues, builds power and develops all through the e-book.

In case your guide is selected for a movie, what scene do you employ to take heed to the primary characters and why?

I feel I might use the first scene they meet as a result of it reveals fairly a bit about their characters.

Here's a snippet:

"Do you remember my question, have you been here long?"
I informed him that I had been right here for one hour and forty-five minutes. Before that, I used to be strolling in the woods. He smiled and stated, "No, I mean, have you had this place for a long time? Workshop? “
I told him I came here when I was ten and now thirty-three years old, so that meant (I explained if his math was not very good) that I would have been here twenty-three years.
"Hey! I simply can't consider it! “He stated again. He seemed to have an issue believing issues. He shook his head slowly. "I think I need to be asleep."
I provided to squeeze him.
He laughed. His laughter was fascinating: explosive and slightly smelly.
The subsequent factor that occurred was I went over and shook his hand since you should do it. You don't need to do a squeeze. I actually knew that.
"My name is Dan Hollis, Exmoor's harp maker," I stated.

What would you like individuals to remove from studying this guide?

To start with, I just want them to take pleasure in studying. I might also like them to see the great thing about life merely and truthfully, and not dictated by the values ​​(typically distorted) of society. On prime of that, if someone lacks the braveness of beliefs like Elli, I would like them to really feel encouraged – to dare to comply with their goals of whatever. "19659011]

What do you work in the meanwhile, what different publications you've planned

I have another novel, which is scheduled for launch next yr, the modifying stage

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Extract from Elliie and Harpmaker:

A lady came into the barn at the moment. Her hair was the color of a walnut. His eyes have been damaged in October. Her socks have been cherry-colored, which was noticeable as a result of all her clothes have been sad. He had a huge shoulder bag, material. It had an enormous buckle (square), however it hung open. The lady's mouth was also open. She moved from one foot to the other on the door so I advised her to return in. The words acquired a bit of furious as a result of I used to be sporting my masks. He requested what I stated, so I took it out, also took my ear and stated it again. He got here in. Her socks have been really purple. It was his face.
"I'm sorry that I'm so rude, but I'm gobsmaked." He appeared truthfully. "Did you… Did not… Do all these?"
I stated yes to him.
"Wow! I just can't believe it!" He stated, turning to look.
I requested him why not.
"Well, it's not exactly what you expect to find in the middle empty! I passed the end of the band so many times and I did not have a clue that all this was here!"
I put the headphones and the masks down on bench, and informed him that each one of this was here. Perhaps I should have identified that that is nowhere within the center. Under no circumstances. Exmoor is probably the most somewhere I know and my workshop could be very much in it. Nevertheless, I wouldn't say that. to contradict him.
The morning mild captured us from three windows. It outlined skewers. It illuminated the curls of wood chips. It silvered the sides of curves and arches around us and made shadows on the ground.
her face. "How wonderful! They are beautiful, so beautiful! It's like a scene from a fairy tale. And how strange that I komistanut this place today of all days now! "
As we speak is Saturday, September 9, 2017. Is that this a particularly strange day to journey over Harppulanto? I smiled politely. I wasn't positive if he needed to ask why it was weird. Many people discover issues unusual, which I do not find unusual, and many people don’t have strange things, which I find very strange.
The lady looked at me and then seemed at the barn and then back at me. Then he pulled kangaslaukunsa belt with a view to manage it differently on the shoulders and stated: "Do you mind kysymistäni, have you been here long?"
I knowledgeable him that I have been here one hour and forty-three minutes. Before that, I was walking within the woods. He smiled and stated, "No, I mean, have you had this place for a long time? Workshop? “
I told him I came here at the age of ten and was now thirty-three, so that meant (I explained if his math was not very good) that I would have been here at twenty-three.
"Hey! I simply can't consider it! “He stated once more. He appeared to have an issue believing issues. He shook his head slowly. "I think I need to be asleep."
I provided to squeeze him.
He laughed. His laughter was fascinating: explosive and just a little smelly.
The subsequent thing that happened was I went over and shook his hand because you should do it. You don't should do a squeeze. I actually knew that. "My name is Dan Hollis, Exmoor Harpmaker." I stated.
"A pleasure to meet you. I'm Ellie Jacobs, Exmoor… A housewife."
"Housewife" does not imply that you are married in the house. It means that you’re a lady who’s married to a husband and the husband goes to work every the day you don't go to work at all, you begin with house dusting, house choosing and all types of ironing, laundry and other issues occurring at the house, and in truth, you actually aren't expected to go away the house in any respect, except to go to the grocery store and then go up and down with a cart and an inventory that appears unhappy. Numerous issues have been included within the housewife's phrase.
"It's fun," he smiled and his eyes wandered around the barn once more. "Hopping was on my list."
I requested if he meant on his buying record.
He stopped and looked at me with curved eyebrows. No, forty These my record is seemingly a lot of people know -.. the record of things that have to be accomplished before the age of 40 the achievement. Like swimming with dolphins and seeing the Great Wall of China. "
I asked if he had a swum with dolphins and he said no. I asked if he had seen the Chinese wall and he said no. He then added that he still had a few years to go. I asked him how many, but he didn't answer. Maybe I shouldn't have asked him that. There are a lot of things you don't have to ask and I'm afraid it might be one of them. So I changed my question and asked him what would happen if he failed to swim with the dolphins or see the Chinese wall or play the harp before he reached the age of 40. He said, "Nothing."
We were quiet for a little while.
"It smells nice here," he finally comments. "I really like the odor of wooden."
I was glad he had noticed it because most people do not know, and I was glad he appreciated it because most people did not. Then he pointed toward the harps. "They are completely nice," he said. "Tell me something about them?"
I advised him sure. I informed him that they have been Celtic conventional harps and that they might have been quite widespread in Britain within the Middle Ages, especially in the North and West. I informed him that I sculpted Elfinin own design of sycamore-tree which had fallen into the creek for more than four years ago. I mentioned that I’ve finished Sylvan historic beech and Linnet rosewood. I confirmed him the string packing containers and explained that the reds are Cs, the black ones are Fs and the white ones are As, Bs, Ds, Es and G. I advised him that each had a unique thickness and which means of rigidity. I confirmed him the holes within the again and how they have been secured inside. I defined using levers to sharpen a notice. I informed him about the rocks. I gave him a couple of items so he might maintain them and examine the load. I extended totally different resonances in several forests.
Then I noticed that I had not requested him much, so I ended telling him things and asked the following eight questions: How are you? Do you have got pets? What's in your big shoulder shoulder? What is your favourite shade? What is your favorite tree? The place do you live? Do you take pleasure in being Exmoor's housewife? Need a sandwich?
He answered me the following solutions: high-quality, thank you; No; giant digital camera and pocket book and thermos soup; purple; birch; about 5 miles southwest of right here; um; it might be very nice.
I made twelve sandwiches using six slices of bread and considerable quantities of cream cheese. I minimize them into triangles because I assumed she was a lady.
I have found that chopping all the time helps me to assume. I like good considering once I minimize wood to make harps as properly. Which will have been the rationale why I made the decision over the sandwich triangles.

*** This extract is pre-corrected proof ***

Extract. © Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

Ebook information:

A wealthy, heart-warming and totally charming debut that reminds us that typically you’ll be able to't find love – love finds you.

Dan Hollis lives a cheerful, lonely life carving high-quality Celtic harps in his barn within the countryside of English marshes. Right here he might be himself, far from social conditions that he might not all the time get right or absolutely perceive.

On the anniversary of the dying of her beloved father, Ellie Jacobs walks by way of the woods and meets Dan's barn. Her collection fascinates her. Dan provides him a harp made from cherry wooden together with his cherry socks. He retains it prepared for him every time he needs to take courses.

Ellie starts to go to Dan virtually day by day and shortly learns that she's not like other individuals. He turns sandwiches into precisely reduce triangles and repeatedly lowers the (seventeen) steps of the picket stairs to the upstairs training room. Ellie soon discovers that Dan isn’t just totally different; Her world is best in many ways and she provides her a recent perspective on her own life.

Meets the Writer:

Hazel Prior is a harpist based mostly in Exmoor, England. Originally from Oxford, he fell in love with a harp scholar and now performs commonly. He has brief stories revealed in written journals and has gained numerous writing competitions within the UK. Ellie and Harpmaker is her first novel and she's engaged on one another.
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