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In the present day it is a pleasure to welcome author Leigh Ann Edwards to HJ!

Whats up Leigh Ann and welcome to HJ! We're so excited to speak to you about your new launch, The Norse Protector!

Summary for the reader of this ebook:

Torunn Robust is a wonderful underground goddess who is shipped to the world from another world. Throughout his lifetime he has by no means seen a person, and he has feared his brutal and passionate habits. Brandr is a good-looking, cheeky Viking warrior who has principally felt ache and deception and needs to keep away from ladies and most of all. The fate is missing when Torunn arrives in his cave that needs protection, and begins the complete story of affection, ardour, danger and adventure

Please share the strains of opening this e-book:

Three ladies sat subsequent to their nurse Eydis… Eydis Perceptive, her the title of his delivery. An efficient elixir was given, and now Eydis not often awoke. It was a aid for them, as a result of when he was asleep, his embarrassing pain appeared to be finally relaxed.

Please share a few of the enjoyable information about this e-book…

  • The collection was referred to as The Misplaced Highgardians, but I knew I additionally needed the Viking title so I went to the Highgard Vikings
  • to put in writing this collection largely due to my Norwegian ancestor. My grandmother (Nana) was all the time very honored to have her Viking heritage. His father (my grandfather, Hans Emil Olson Sundby) was from Norway and got here to Canada when he was nineteen. Nana all the time stated proudly that our line was traced to Erik Pink. I used to tease her and ask if she must be praised for the Vikings being violent raids. He all the time smiled. The Vikings have been additionally great scientists and sailors. They discovered North America more than a thousand years in the past, and it’s definitely proud. I've all the time been interested to read books or watch films or tv exhibits, Vikings, so it was not a stretch, if you want to write a collection of them.

Inform us slightly concerning the letters of the e-book. If you wrote your most important character, was there something that stunned you?

Brandr is long, robust and protective. She needs to assume she is cold and unknown, but she is admittedly mild and affectionate, not to mention she is incredibly attractive. (Nicely, when he was sown and reduce his hair and wild beard.)

I was stunned that humor and a funny comma are divided between two foremost characters, as a result of both are often critical, particularly Torun. I used to be additionally stunned at how sweet the laughing Torun could possibly be.

If your work is chosen for a film, what scene do you employ to listen to the primary characters and why?

Torunn appeared in Brandr's cave final night time. He has decided to stay alone and was not completely happy when he arrived. He knows he would really like him to go away as soon as attainable. Torunn has never seen a person earlier than and they are now discussing his look.

He had a musky that would have been engaging if he had swim lately.
"Do not you swim or wash your clothes?"
"Have you suggested that you have violated my smell like?"
"I'm just questioned, while you might be the last sown. ”
” I couldn't say. I do not remember. Swimming causes predators to hunt people. When you give the scent of the fur of the consuming animals, they tend to think of you as your own. I swim in the nearby lake in the summer, but I haven't been in the human company for some time. I have not had to worry that I could hurt anyone with sensitive senses.
She turned up her nose and held it again.
"You say I odor then?"
"Can't you discover your odor? Nidhoggr's scent just isn’t as powerful or enemy. ”
” A nidhoggr? “He painted his eyes while watching him. "I don't know what you might refer to."
"Do men comb their hair and hair on their faces?"
"Parrana," she told her.
so unkempt? ”
” You're probably the most simple, Torunn Robust. You’ll be able to criticize my scent and take a look at my appearance. Why would you discover lengthy hair strange when your very lengthy lengthy hair is certain to tug the bottom once you walk when it's unfastened from the plate? I assume you wouldn't need to comb the broom in case you like it like that. "
He narrowed his eyes to his own unpleasant words and raised him when he put his hand on his thick play and cautious
" I don't care about your look or how disagreeable the odor is, because we name the monster part of us! " words used in this world for people.
”Call to pen? A small time measure is Raven's invitation? “He grinned.
He decided once more to ignore his words. "Should you just need to tell a path that descends to the mountain, I'll depart you in peace and loneliness."

What would you like individuals to remove from studying a ebook?

I would like individuals to study a few of the everyday lifetime of Viking, what we consider in
fiercely clearing, consuming, preventing and exploring. I also need individuals to flee to the world of Torun and Brandr and to entertain and touch their love story.

What are you presently engaged on? What other publications have you ever deliberate?

I'm at present working on Highgard Collection Guide Three Vikings The Norse explorer. The subsequent upcoming launch is the collection of two books: Norway Sorcerer, scheduled for October 2019. Books Three – Norway-Explorer and 4-Norwegian Conqueror will comply with in 2020.

Thanks for the blog at HJ!

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Extract The Norse Protector:

The Kingdom of Highgard
Three ladies sat on the mattress of their nurse Eydis… Eydis Perceptive, the title of her delivery. An effective elixir was given, and now Eydis not often awoke. It was a aid for them, because when he was asleep, his embarrassing pain appeared to be lastly relaxed.
Throughout his life, he had been smaller than his older sister. Because he was ailing, Eydis had develop into much thinner and appeared virtually childlike in an enormous bed of what had as soon as been their mother's chambers in a foreskin fortress.
"His Time Approaches," Brenna, the healer whispered
Brennan's twin sister, Asta, the Spirit's seer, sat quietly at the head of the mattress, her eyes unhappy.
He, Torunn Robust, the eldest sister, thought Eydis was somewhat not sure whether or not he was aware of their presence. When he started to get up, it was clear that every movement… each spirit was miserable. Brenna instantly reached the elixir and held it on her lips, but Eydis opened her reddish eyes, touched her hand and shook her head.
"No more, Brenna," he stated in a fats breath. "I need to talk to you, my dear sisters … while I'm still capable of doing."
His voice was weak, the thick elixir of his tongue, however he started. "Above all, I hope that no one among you may be guilty of me and this damned struggling … not you, Torun, because you couldn't shield me … otherwise you, Brenna, since you couldn't save me … and also you, Asta, because you accuse me illness. No one is in charge! “He shook his head, took a long breath and talked again. "Even though my heart would stay here forever every one of you, my sister, at this time of sunset this dead body will die."
Their hearts were certainly broken, but no one tried to deny it. Eydis Perceptive always brought the truth with a credible name. His perception was infallible, his predictions were never wrong.
Tears suffered from Torun's eyes as he held Eydis's small hands tighter and never wanted to let go. Brenna spread the mess as he gently eased Eydis's feverish eyebrow. Eydis first turned her eyes on her.
”Your mild contact and delicate presence have comforted me during this troublesome time. Truly, you've been in comfort for the rest of my life, my lovely Brenna, my friendly and caring sister. ”
“ I love you a lot, Eydie, my valuable baby sister, ”Brenna stated.
I also love you, Brenna, ”Eydis whispered, and he patted Brennan's hand with affection.
Tears now slipped Torunn's cheeks to witness his sister's emotional change. He gently squeezed Eydis's hand and turned to him. Once upon a time, glowing blue eyes filled with vitality have been reddish, so that you couldn't reddish your pink eyes anymore. Eydis took several breaths and spoke once more.
”I really feel your energy, Torun. Every time I have felt the facility and protectiveness, but above all, I really feel infinite love. "
" You are a treasure, Eydis, and it is true that my love for you knows no boundaries. "
for me, Torunn," he whispered and tried to squeeze Torun's hand in return.
Eydis tightened to see A, who was left on the bed.
"Asta, get closer," Brenna referred to as, however Brenna referred to as
”You don't should strategy or speak, Asta. I find the words troublesome for you, but I perceive your coronary heart, my sister. I’m comforted understanding that we’re talking once more, Eydis stated.
Asta nodded, nevertheless it was clear that Eydis felt hesitant.
“I promise to speak soon, Asta.
Still, Asta didn't answer.
"Torun, I demand your blade," Eydis asked.
Torunn was unsure of his intentions, but Brenna spoke.
“If the pain is too great to carry … if you want to see the torture pain today, you can't see it doing so terribly, Eydie. I'll give you a more effective elixir. You drink a larger amount, just fall asleep and not wake up. It would be kinder… ”
” Brenna, I don't need to use the blade to end my life, despite the fact that I admit that I need to go out of those critically suffering eyes. They are virtually invisible now they usually burn as scorching as the hearth! “He breathed deeply. It was the first time Eydis had mentioned discomfort all the time she had suffered.
"The Torun Blade is necessary to swear a blood oath to you, my sister."
Torun pulled his blade on his leg and passed it to Eydis. Also, the weight of the small blade looked pregnant in her weakened hands and she struggled.
"I need your help, Torun."
"You have to be careful, Eydie," Brenna said, but soon interrupted
"Or what… he is injured … could he die?" Asta finally spoke typically sarcastically
Eydis smiled, softly laughed and then coughed.
”Thanks on your humor, Asta. Darkish and dry as it might be, it has been a welcome distraction up to the top, even in the darkest days. ”
” Where do you need to minimize? “Torunn asked.
Eydis held his hand to Torun; he did a quick cut and Eydis only sped up a little. Torunn wiped his blade and returned it to his home. As the blood passed, Eydis held a small hand high to see all his sisters. Because it was their oath, only his blood was needed, but they had to recognize and accept it.
”I swear I will return to you in spirit, Asta. The oldest of our ancestors, the good goddess of Solveig, I am satisfied that may send messages to all of you through the Astan. This is not the final day once I converse with you, and if the gods see fit to provide me the ultimate request, my spirit will appear to all of you someday.
Torunn touched his hand with Eydis' blood after which held it towards the gods. "I accept the truth as the reality!" Torunn said.
"I Accept Your Fact as a Fact!" Brenna followed Torunn's leadership and, through her tears, she lifted her hand up.
Asta did not speak and Torunn threw her another uncomfortable expression.
"I hear your skeptical thoughts, Asta," Eydis said.
"I've by no means seen a mother's life all the time she's gone," Asta finally admitted. [19459003"Solveigin'spermissiontoletyourscomefromyou"
"I accept your oath as fact!" Asta hurriedly touched her hands in Eydis's blood, repeated the words and lifted her half a hand.
"I feel that you’re solely accepted to be able to soothe our sisters … so as to avoid obstruction Torunnin … to facilitate my thoughts, as a result of I am near dying. But I see you again! ”
His voice was weaker. The conversation and the oath of blood had fallen from Eydis to what little power left. He began coughing, a deep cough that stored his little body, and blood was injected from his mouth. Torun wrapped a blatant material on Eydis's palm when Brenna gently wiped his blood from his lips.
Eydis closed her eyes and her respiration grew slower. No one spoke for a while, and silence was worrying because his life grew less ceaselessly. They have been all amazed when Eydis spoke in a quiet whisper. Torunn and Brenna leaned nearer to their hearing.
"Torun… sing to me."
"Sing?" Torunn requested unbelief. His throat tightened and his coronary heart bothered to know that Eydis had died.
“Torun… singing the song The Father wrote to the mother; one mother sang to you three. I want to hear the song you sang when I was a kid and I asked it every night … a beautiful song that I heard when I went to sleep. I hear it so long, Torun! “Eydis whispered.
His throat was so huge, Torunn doubted he could speak, much less to sing. He breathed and the sofa fled.
Eydis whispered, “I feel deep sorrow, Torun, and I hear your thoughts. You want to suggest that Brenna could sing, because she has a finer vocal voice … and you think Asta can sing without crying … but it must be you … it was always you. When you sang, you sent me to a peaceful sleep; I felt loved and protected and safe where my dreams might take me. Send me away from the song, Torun. ”
Torunn squeezed Eydis's hand again, took a deep breath and commenced, despite the fact that his first phrases have been at greatest.
”Someday we take a look at the Crystal Mountains,
Mirrored within the Violet Sea
We run subsequent to a whispering water pipe,
My real love and me.
We hear smooth bells within the percussion,
A mirrored lake once more,
We will probably be together as we have been then.
Not cruelly divorced, my solely love and me.
Free to kiss Moonlit at Meadow.
two silver skies within the sky. ”
Brenna and Asta joined to sing the final line, as all the sisters had completed as youngsters. Then they typically sang the exaggerated sounds of laughter and pleasure. Now it was smooth and sad on the end of only three sounds. They looked at seeing a relaxed smile on their faces and knew that their liked one Eydis's struggling was lastly over.
“For even death cannot separate hearts like ours,
And our love to live all the time,” Torunn sang
“You have never sung this part before,” Brenna stated, crying.
“I didn't want any of you to think of it as a song of sorrow, but a love, a hope, and a unification. The father wrote the song to the mother when they had to live apart when the troubled boys and men were confined to the caves because of the red death. The father suffered five sun trips in these caves, and our grandmother Bestamor said she sang the song to her mother just before her death. "
" Even death cannot separate its heart, "Brenna sang as they looked at their dear Eydis
" And our love to live at all times, "A whispered, and all three sisters repeated," And our love lives all the time. ”
Torunn nodded, kissed the sweet Eydis hand and wept.

They have been amazed, filled with grief and uncertainty. They knew with out the intervention of the gods, Eydis's dying was inevitable. Yet they have been disbelieving. Their sensible, lovely, intuitive little sister – each fifteen suns in her brief life had crammed her life with mild and laughter – had really gone. Their collective unhappiness unfold horribly by means of the chamber, and the dying of Eydis from the pink dying was a hazard to them.
He, Torunn Robust, pressured to be a matriarch, a mother or father, and a protector at an early age. tight Eydis for a small hand that doesn't need to let go. Brenna, a healer who had rigorously taken care of Eyd, put his head on his chest, hoping to hear a weak heartbeat, however certainly figuring out he wouldn't. Asta, the Spirit seer, stayed at the foot of the Eydis bed, clearly displacing himself that he wouldn’t have the ability to hold his stoic face or cowl his overwhelming sorrow. Tears continued to fall Torun's cheeks and delicate Brenna crashed brazenly.
"Tears do nothing for Eydis … and thousands of tears do not prevent us from suffering the same dreaded destiny!"

"Do you believe that even with one of our rat's calling, compassionate Eydis would disapprove of melancholic tears, Asta? Do you think he wouldn't cry so much if any of us suffered this fate? "
Asta turned away from Torun's eyes, definitely filled with accusations, however Torunn spoke.
”As an empathy, Brenna suffers from her personal pain, but in addition you and me. Can't cease the fixed beautiful … particularly in the present day? “Torun rebuked and wiped the tears from his eyes.
”Torunn Robust, the eldest descendant of the solveig line, dares to throw tears as an alternative of being obliged to protect his sisters? “Start comics.
Torun's shoulders straightened and he felt his eyes glowing. He breathed deeply as he held his head high. His light-colored blond hair, which was typically worn on the thick side of the cut, was partially disassembled, rather confused. It ran over the bed behind the almost identical light locks of Eydis.
“Do you dare to blame me for not protecting Eyd, or Brenna, from healing him? Perhaps in the seemingly endless wisdom you have received from eighteen suns, you can tell us how we could have saved Eydis. Tell us what you, Asta, The Spirit Seer, have done to keep him from this fate or admit to us why Eydis thought you might blame yourself for his illness! "
" I don't blame you or Brenna and from the moment his eyes turned red I knew Eyd could not be saved. I am only willing to grant us the inevitable fate of the convicted person, while the two of you foolishly believe that it might not be so. ”
” We aren’t silly. We simply determine to stick to the fascinating future. We’ve got to seek out what prompted our individuals to get rid of the scourge, but for four … three of us, "he regrettably corrected," it doesn't have to make certain we meet the identical head. Eydis was small, all the time fragile, by no means recovering shortly from Highgardia's sicknesses or unusual injuries, like all of us … perhaps as a result of she didn't get your mother's milk as a newborn… perhaps she didn't succeed as a result of she missed her mom's care, ”Torunn wrote
He had three of us as mothers as a result of we liked him as if he have been a worthy youngster. I all the time hoped we didn't depart our mother's absence … and our grandmothers and aunt helped me before they died, ”Brenna stated.
Torunn knew that Brennan's phrases have been very sincere.
"Yes, Eydis was really showering with plenty of endless love," Torunn agreed.
“Our combined love could not save him, nor would he save us. We all have to face the inevitable countdown, ”Asta stated gloomily. “Brenna is undoubtedly the next. When trying to keep two of us well, he certainly won't take the time to rest or see his own health. "
Brenna glanced quickly at Asta, who was clearly afraid of her words, but soon turned away.
“Next I have to die for not living long without Brenna. We shared your mother's womb and have never dived even the whole day. Without my twin, my heart will definitely stop playing.
This time Brenna stared at Asta, who rarely expressed her feelings and often appeared almost heartless. Asta soon returned to her pessimism and continued her gloomy predictions.
”Torun… you’re undoubtedly the last drop. All the time the strongest, you struggle towards struggling and be the last word Highgardian who dies. Have you ever seen the exhausting fact in poetry poems? “His tone was imprisoned with his usual sarcasm, but deliberately cruel. It irritated Torun; His character fluctuated despite being the purpose of Asta.
“If you do not stop this infuriating effort, deliberately anxious sister, you will be the next when your skull is crushed, and each of your bones crumbles Tossin on top of Highgardian cliffs and bumps! “The Torun saw.
Asta smiled and apparently delighted that she had aroused her sister's fiery atmosphere. This still irritated Torun and he shone.
"Stop this little bit, both!" Brenna intervened. "Eydis didn't want you to be passionate and certainly not when her body is still cold!"
Asta laughed at the disgusting hue. – You'll quickly fill up Eydis station as a peacekeeper, Brenna. I assume that when you were in good shape, expected to wait. "
Brenna ignored her unpleasant twin and Torunn looked at the nearby window with a large gold-orange sun that was low in the sky. "The time of Eydis's transcendence is near," Torunn said.
They all worried about turning against the window as they heard a long silent but disturbingly familiar sound from the distance.
”The Solveig Fortress is the strongest with all Highgard. Definitely no beast might break by means of these walls! “Torun declared, but stood and looked at the window of the tower.
“We have to ask the gods to make sure that Eydis's transcendence is fast before one of the despicable animals reaches our fortress,” Brenna stated
Asta nodded with an unusual worry. "I think the reasons our God puts on would still fall on deaf ears."
Torunn knew there was no time to talk or current. He would meet the creature before it reached the gates to guard Eydis' physique and be sure that he would relaxation with the gods. Torun stood excessive and determined when he went to get his gun.
"Torun, you are not going to fight nidhoggri… a terrible body splinter?" Brenna whispered in a warning. "Just lately, you could have suffered from dangerous wounds."
"It was some time in the past. My expertise have been far more full … my strengths are stronger. To stop it from eating our sister, I will definitely battle with the beast! ”
” Did you die for defending our defended lost sister? “Asta questioned.
“Wouldn't you? “The crutch brushed. "You see that he would lose the prospect to cross?"
“You realize I defend him, however Eydis wouldn't thank us if we die by saving his body from destruction… even if it meant he didn't cross. "
" When our aunt Magnahild, the sister of our mother Vora, died, I stored the beast in the bay until transcendence occurred. When Bestamor died, you two protected his physique once I killed nidhoggrin, Torunn recalled. "We’ve got to do this now for Eydis."
Scary roaring and hissing grew stronger. The creature was drawing dangerously close. Brennan's eyes filled with horror as she spoke.
"There isn’t just one beast approaching!"

Otos. © Released with permission. All rights reserved.

Info from the ebook:

He learns the methods of hostile, however undeniably harmful, Vikings

The descendants of Torunn Robust and his sister, Highgard's goddess Solveig, are just dreaded Purple Demise. Excessive, mild, lovely, daring and professional weapons, Torunn will do every part to save lots of them from being killed. Pressured to go away her sister and her world behind, she is transported to the Viking country where she needs to seek out the fate of the missing Highgard boys who’ve been sent there twenty years earlier.

A fearless, long, muscular, sturdy good-looking man as soon as a Viking warrior. Torunn and Brandr need to struggle the brutal mountainous climate, wildlife and harmful enemies. Nor do they need to admit that they are deeply in love because Torun has never met a person earlier than, and Brandr's previous is filled with tragedy and betrayal.

Do they have the prospect to seek out happiness collectively?

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Meet the writer:

Leigh Ann Edwards has all the time been a dwelling imagination and a variety of tales after her baby. An enthusiastic traveler and author for over twenty years, his adventures in Massachusetts, Eire and the United Kingdom inspired Farrier's daughter and her successor novels within the Irish witch collection. Edwards admires animals, historical past, family tree and magical locations – and Eire is filled with many magical locations. She lives together with her husband and two cats in the lovely metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta.
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