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It is a pleasure as we speak to welcome the writer Pam Crooks to HJ!

Hello Pam and welcome to HJ! We're so excited to talk to you about your new release, A Cowboy and A Promise!

Thank you, Harlequin Junkies! I have the respect and pleasure to be right here!

Summary of a ebook for readers right here:

I simply beloved this guide! From the second I imagined Beau Paxton and Ava Howell in my mind, I fell in love with them.
Ava has accomplished development management and drives from New York to Texas to promise a ghost town renovation venture she made to a pal who had promised Beau's mother.
And of course, Beau doesn’t want his beloved ghost town to be renovated. He doesn’t want strangers from his household nation, he doesn’t need to spend money, he does not want his grandfather's tradition (ghost town) to the touch or change how he has all the time felt, and how it has been

However by no means be afraid, my pal. By the top of the guide, Ava and Beau will find the right compromise to allow them to be with one another ceaselessly.

Please share the opening strains of this guide:

It occurred once more.
Another one that liked Ava Howell was soon eliminated from him. Inside a couple of hours. Dying had happened so typically in his life, he didn't consider…

Inform a number of humorous details about this e-book…

  • After fifteen years of viewing, my husband and I discovered the right cabin close to a small city forty-five minutes from residence. The North Bend is charming and lovable, quiet and protected, and I set up Paxton Springs in this metropolis, right on the ice cream shop.
  • Although I had filmed COWBOY AND PROMISE, I met to see an article on-line for Ghost Town for sale. I used to be instantly and read all the things I might about it. This ghost city was Cerro Gordo,, California's abandoned mining group, based in the mid-19th century. The look was exactly how I might have seen the ghost town within the Blackstone Ranch. (The ghost town was actually bought and now it’s preserved as a real mining area. I hope to get there on the tour typically!) As soon as once more I was interested (together with everybody else!) And I arrange these three troopers with Paxton's brothers

Tell us somewhat concerning the letters of the guide. Once you wrote your primary character, was there something that stunned you?

All of his salt-worth writers use Pinteresti as inspiration! Once I was trolling by means of, on the lookout for cowboy footage, I discovered one who hit me immediately on the face. I knew he was Beau – just a little extra mature, muscular, hair a bit of too long and aviator sun shades!

Be still, my coronary heart.

Even then, my husband and I have been utterly hooked on the Showtime collection, “Homeland”. In fact, Claire Danes is sort of totally different from Ava Howell, but two ladies are the identical – brief blond hair, sporty and robust.

When my face was in my mind, it was a lot simpler to write down and I all the time try to make the hero and the heroine as totally different as they are often.

In case your work is selected for a movie, what scene do you employ to hear the primary characters and why?

Ooh, an alternative choice to the film! How cool wouldn’t it be?

I need to select a fast action scene adopted by the primary assembly. It might show totally different emotions – despair, rivalry, disappointment, feeling of failure and then slowing down, victory, aid, and the instant attraction and consciousness all of us love so much in our e-book.

The stage under has all this stuff when Ava stops on fuel and bottles of water, simply to see his purse stolen…

His gaze locked into black T-shirt on the passenger aspect. Additionally lengthy golden hair. His spirit instantly grasped the popularity.
The teenager rose to the door, obtained inside and grabbed his purse, and filled with horror fell via him.
"Hey!" He shouted. "Hey! Exit!"
His money, his savings, God,
He spun by way of the door, black and golden disappeared behind the station, and he tore away after him, past the icebreaker, oversized trash luggage, pouch luggage, had been stacked in entrance of a fuel mart. too far for him to have the hope that he might get to the infant who had used it, however nonetheless he continued. and the toes pressed collectively to maintain their flop from flying, however he continued…
till black disappeared. His gaze ruined a slender path between a few buildings, one painted pink and one other soiled white, but he was nowhere. He turned to the top of the road dealing with the street, and he additionally appeared there.
She was gone.
He refused to cease looking. Yeah, he needed that money and no ridiculous boy stored him. He turned to the suitable and went down the sidewalk and then proper once more in the direction of the free much pink constructing. Ice Cream Business. He exploded inside and discovered it virtually empty, besides for an additional teenager who was a lot cleaner, towards the counter, entangled in his smartphone.
She seemed up. “Can I Help You?”
“Every black t-shirt and long golden hair come here right now?”
”No. Nobody has over the past half hour, apart from you. ”
” Thanks. "
He ran again, went next, some kind of co-guide and told the knob, but the place was locked
He grabbed the frustrated curse. He bent him away from each of his flaps and brushed the gravel with his fingers on his feet. Slower this time, he went back to the alley. He would have come full circle without a sign of the child.
Tears seized their eyes. This city of Podek was definitely a police station so he could announce a robbery that would only delay him to Blackstone Ranch, and then he had to call Lucienne, who borrowed him thousands of dollars, who took Avan forever to pay back, and then had all his private information that was stolen, which inevitably made his life miserable, but this was not the whole point of this fiasco…
He still grabbed a bottle of water in his fist. He breathed, then exhaled, drained his brain. At least he had enough money to pay for water; he cried on the deck, leaned over his head and bowed to half of it. Cold liquid swims down into your throat; he screwed the lid back and burdened the bottle to sweat his forehead.
He couldn't waste any more time standing here, feeling bad about himself, so he fell back on the alley toward the gas station. If nothing else, he was able to find his way back without worry, thanks to the big red pick-up stopping at the stop, which was the only thing he remembered when he left the bag.
stayed running, his mind remained with his feet. Do they have police in Paxton Springs? Sheriff's Office? The cash game knew who was calling, and he ran toward the front door of the glass, ignoring a small crowd gathered near the entrance.
The black T-shirt stopped her cold
. oil-colored coating next to a gas pump. The same he had used to fill his tank. He sat on his knees and got his head down. His purse lay on the hood of his car, just like the day, and what the hell happened?
"Hey, you!" He obviously moved to the right. "What did you do, steal my purse?" He resisted wanting to destroy him with it. She appeared sixteen, maybe seventeen years old. Medium height and thin frame with clothes that could use good washing. "Who do you assume you’re, taking something that doesn’t belong to you?"
"It's all, ma'am. The sound of the person, clean like leather and mild pulling, shocked him. "He didn't have time to do much more than run."
His gaze jerked up to a high cowboy, who leaned on one hip towards the automotive, his muscular arms crossing the chest. His reddish-colored Stetson border overshadowed his sun shades; The pink bandanna rolled over his neck.
Clearly he had been ready for him. The slowly warming warmth that curled by means of his stomach was a heat that had nothing to do with the Texas solar and all this uncooked virus.
"Did you find him?" He asked in vain. In fact he had rather more talent than he did. "In what approach? I mean -"
"Typically you must assume like a thief."
Weak smile softened his exhausting mouth, he might feel him watching him behind the shaded lenses, and his spirit accelerated.
She was not often without her depth, it had taken her a long time to know the way to get it and hold it on.
When was a person successful? however he slowed down his defenses and Ava needed all of his management. ", He broke.
His shoulder square. Maybe he was amused by the fact that his money meant so much to him. He did not know that he would have lived more than dollars throughout his lifetime, that he would be thrown out into the world too soon, forced to seek and rescue necessities.
Something was defined for him
”Thank you. I want.
He took a quick step back and grabbed his purse out of the hood. His art box was still unpacked and lying wide open because he left it when he went to buy water, and was going to return the credit card and receipt after he had done. But fast riffle bills showed that the cowboy was right.
All a thousand dollars were there.
He taught his qualities to show the peace he didn't know. He refused to give the cowboy that he was relieved. He did not let him see the weakness or weakness around him
Grow, he was both too long and he was no longer.
Especially not in front
He rose to the feet and nudged with his son's candle.
"Tell the lady you’re sorry," he said quietly.

"Sorry," he mumbled.
"Why did you’re taking my purse?" She couldn't stop asking. "Do you know it was incorrect, proper?"
He shrunk, dropping his head again. “I wanted money.”
The lengthy spirit slipped out of his lungs. In fact he did. Not all? In addition to who did he decide? It was not like he by no means stole himself. Fourteen and having a handbag filled with top-class departmental makeup to affect the women she's hanging round, it was extra essential than finding a option to pay for it.
It will have been troublesome to study Because of a strict punishment, his mom handed over a warning to Ava about his life that he didn't do it again.
He wasn't. Ever.
Every part was carried out together with his entire youngster. Hopefully he discovered his educating, and he was positive he wouldn't depart his bag in his open automotive again.
However it appeared that the high cowboy was not just as forgiving.
"Do you need to pay charges or anything?" He asked him.
He shook his head. "No."
He grabbed the kid's arm and withdrew him together with his ft coolly simply. “Then, boy, son. We're going to pay a small visit to the assistant. "
Wouldn't he just say that he was not going to raise the matter and that the trip to law enforcement was not expected on his behalf?
"Wait." He frowned. "Is it necessary?"
He interrupted. These pilots sailed in his direction. “I think it is.”
“Let's simply go. I’ve cash. “He pressured a smile. "No harm, no incorrect, right?"
"Unsure how it’s in New York, however it's not like doing things right here."
The corner of her exhausting mouth rose and touched her finger together with her hat. He turned, and took the teen with him a nonsense walk away from the fuel station.

What would you like individuals to remove from studying this ebook?

Not solely does "Aaaahhh" really feel after a satisfactory ending when the 2 characters did their work and made my readers fall in love with them, perhaps deeper, the message can be that life is a compromise. We will't get it all, however typically we’ve got to vary to simply accept someone else's needs or their love.

What are you at present working on? What other publications have you ever deliberate?

With the discharge of my 5 historic Western romances, I work in Blackstone Ranch Trilogy # 2. This ebook is the story of Brock and Lucienne.

Thank you on your weblog at HJ!

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Enter Giveaway: Fill within the Rafflecopter type and ship a comment to this query: Ava respects his promise to a good friend at his personal value. Not solely did he set his new career, he drove clearly across the nation, two issues most of us in all probability wouldn't do. Cowboys are recognized for their honor code. Do you assume the promise means as a lot as it was? Do you assume they’re too straightforward to do, however are usually not all the time thought-about? Have you ever made a promise that was actually onerous to keep?

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Extract from Cowboys and Promise:

His fast spirit warned Beau of the resistance he would have resisted.
has no intention of going anyplace anytime soon, ”he stated, lifting his head, like a rough battle. "I take my duty here quite seriously."
He guessed his age was middle-twenty. She used brief, mild hair that separated from the aspect and grabbed one behind the ear. pink T-shirt with small breasts and a slender waist. He was all beneath his khaki-shorts, the pores and skin lightened, but the muscular tissues tinted. It might be that he was a runner with clean and toned legs. Curved good. Flip-flops rode with their ft, and the toes of the toes have been painted darkish pink.
Four years in special forces taught him to commit to memory after one glance, and when it came to Ava Howell,
He warmed his blood.
Given his state of affairs in Blackstone, which he was about to give up, it was not good.
She took the time by answering, filling moments with a couple of higher beers.
"Are you leaving here to come?" He requested. "Or is my mother's project for it?"
The slight unfold of her nostrils showed she was hit by a sore.
"Of course I have a job," he stated. “It was with my construction management. Very good work, I could add. ”
His corner is curved. "I'm impressed."
"Properly, you ought to be," he pulled. “It takes years of hard work in a very male-dominated industry to learn what I know. And it didn't come to sit behind the table. ”
He nodded. Slowly. So he was a go-getter. Not afraid to wear a norm. Intelligent. Beau had been working within the constructing and away from the cattle farm, both during elevating and throughout his time as a soldier. Most crew members weren’t welcome among them or haven’t any respect. A minimum of not at first. They think of him as mild, unskilled or unaware of the complexity of the building.
Apparently, Ava had satisfied them otherwise. He has witnessed himself. No small pieces, and he needed to give it to him.
”Now that you’re convinced that you are good at what you’re doing, you’re also convinced that your boss didn't just offer you up and go what-oh, three months or so? No less in the summer. The busiest time of the yr in the development business. ”
He glanced at him.
Bingo. "Which means you either gave up this very good job to come here to fill Erin, or you're not sure your work is still there when you come back." Now that he was reset to kill, he took a little bit of grim satisfaction on his cheeks. "Inform me that I'm proper."
"Should you assume I'm going to offer you more ammunition to press me to go house, you're mistaken, Beau. You're lifeless improper. “Several long steps took him to the door; he grabbed the knob, and apparently thought it better to turn it. He spun at him. "When was the last time you saw Erin?"
He had to think fast to deviate from the new line of attack. "Not sure."
"He told me it would have been years."
"A long journey from New York to Texas," he said, unapolical.
“Then you don't know how much you make this ghost town project for your daughter's daughter. ”
He shrunk. "No. Along with the reward, I feel. ”
” It's horrible to say. “He cheated, his hilarious good. "And maybe you're too zealous to know how much it means to your mother."
"I know exactly how much it means to him," he grinned.
"Then you are totally selfish and stubborn to fight against him."
"There is no one – how do you say it?" His leuansa fell
"I am here does that make it to each my business Have you ever promised someone!.?"
He refused to rising syöttiään drew the teeth instead of [
“Well, I have. Your cousin, Erin, in fact. he had
Beau knew when he was licked
Best to cut his defeat now before he pulled him into the stake, put him on fire and left him
He finished the beer with one tiger and threw the bottle into a new white trash that was next to the refrigerator.
”I feel we’ve learn the horns in the future, Open. Want anything? Because when you don't, I'll go out. ”
She opened the door. "I don't need something from you."
He stepped onto a porch that wasn't rather more than a stamp-sized picket bill till the sudden thought stopped him. He ran his fingers over his hip pocket and was not unexpectedly empty.
"I forgot your key," he stated.
He glanced at the shiny new doorway.
Even the Huge House and get it, ”he added. "Do not bother. I'll get it tomorrow. Ginnystä. ”
It took some effort that his jibe rolled over him. That he was going to avoid him by penetrating more than he wanted to admit.
"Just figured you needed to lock in the present day," he pulled low. "Since you didn't read the automotive this afternoon."
He nudged his face with a soft, self-depressing laughter. "It was pretty stupid for me, wasn't it?" She looked up at her mouth, in her mouth. "I'm from New York. I ought to have recognized higher. I feel there were other issues, I assume."
"No one Paxton Springs can also be not locked," he said, gentler. "The distinction was that right now you got caught. Awful timing, the son of he seemed like he did. ”
“ Isn't it? ”He blew out.“ I've never thanked you for getting my money back. You saved me. You have no idea.
"I too."
His quiet entry changed something in his chest. He wasn't here to forget it. ”Ava Howell was not part of Blackstone Ranch, and her nice city expertise didn't fit her plans
Not even close
au took a step in the direction of his choosing. ”My mom realized that you want to security when you’re out of the cottage. So the new lock is inserted. You'll be superb tonight until you get the important thing from him. ”
” I'm positive I will. "
He hesitated, as if he was going to say something, but thought higher. Ultimately he pushed the door closed and left him standing here, watching it, and doing nothing but head again to Massive House next to his dog and his ideas jumble.

-section. © Launched with permission. All rights reserved.

Guide info:

His willpower to burn his wishes…

When his dying pal asks for assist in completing the final rehabilitation challenge, Ava Howell can’t refuse, regardless that his promise means leaving his new career and the familiar life in New York traveling to a distant house in Texas. He's good at what he does, and the ghost resort appears great in his resume, nevertheless it means mixing with a former army cowboy & # 39; who has determined to stop him as soon as he arrives.

Beau Paxton must promote the land and the ghost city to save lots of his family's struggling seashore. He is a large enemy of Avan's willpower, but the more durable he works, the extra his attraction to him. She doesn’t need to cancel her plans so she will succeed on her behalf, but she finds herself doing that…

Is the promise of bringing a city woman and a horny cowboy collectively? Or run one broken apart?

E-book Links: Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Kobo | Google |

Meet the writer:

Pam Crooks learn his first romance in his novel when he waited for his first youngster (more years ago he thinks) and he has been in love with them ever since. He grew up in a West Nebraska farmhouse and it was inevitable that he would ultimately write a variety of books concerning the cowboy. Pam continues to be dwelling in Nebraska together with her husband (who isn’t a cowboy), 4 married daughters and 9 good grandchildren.

He’s a long-time member of RWA and RAH, his local chapter. Pam can also be one of the founders of Petticoats & Pistols, a well-liked western romance blog. She loves to prepare dinner, spend the lake in her cabin and decorates birthday desserts for everyone who provides her.

Go to for all Pami books.
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