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At this time it’s a pleasure to welcome writer Annie West to HJ!

Hello Annie and welcome to HJ! We're so excited to speak to you about your new launch, the Greek forbidden innocence!

Howdy! Thanks in your invitation to stop. It’s great to start out a brand new yr whenever you visit Harlequin Junkie! together with his beloved man. However issues turn out to be more difficult when Mina finds herself on Alexei's personal tropical island, alone with a man who fascinates and attracts her regardless of her critical system of marrying a lady she doesn't know. As for Alexei, her imprisoned visitor is shocking in so some ways. He pretended to be fascinated by organized marriage to lure his father. Alexei doesn’t permit him who betrays his firm to escape justice, but the felony's daughter is just not what he would have imagined. She admires her and needs her, and shortly she feels rather more than she anticipated from a lady she didn't even trust.

Please share some enjoyable information about this ebook…

  • This ebook was born from a previous story “Desert King's Captive Bride”. On this guide, the heroine Ghizlan is held in prison by his younger sister, Mina, and forced into marriage. I was an exquisite character who fascinated me from the beginning. She was a small young romance of his own, however I all the time questioned what had occurred to him. Then in the future I received an idea that I couldn't resist, and hey Presto, I wrote the story of Mina and acquired the ball.
  • I spend a good little guide sporting her good friend's clothes (all she has is an excellent tropical island is her greatest good friend's suitcase). As a result of her pal depends on pink and Mina hasn't had fun to think about what she can be subsequent. Yes, I know the duvet exhibits her a yellow gown, however doesn't she look fond?

Readers ought to read this e-book…

Summer time sunshine, unique places and intense, passionate romance. As well as, there’s verbal sparring between a memorable hero and a heroine. The commentator lately stated GREEK & # 39; s FORBIDDEN INNOCENT: "a perfect mix of sweet and sensual humor and a combination of strength and emotion."

What are you working on? What different publications do you’ve in your books?

My subsequent guide in April / Might is WEDDING NIGHT REUNION in GREECE, inspired by final yr's journey to the gorgeous island of Corfu. It's a broken bride and a determined man. Then in August / September, THE SHEIKH & # 39; S ROYAL BABY REVELATION, where one night time in one of the crucial horrifying circumstances led the child, knew nothing. At present I am writing a follow-up ebook here and a few ideas from my next ebook.

Thanks for writing a weblog in HJ!

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Extract from the Forbidden harmless of Greece:

Alexei has "called" Automotive Carter to take pleasure in her personal island for marriage. In reality, it’s a plan to entice his father to hide with a view to be accused of bullying. What Alexei doesn't perceive is that the lady brought by her security officer from Paris is just not in Automotive, however her good friend Mina has determined to rescue her mild, ineffective good friend, Carissa, from pressured marriage. Each Alexei and Mina have been amazed by the robust attraction that pulls them collectively regardless of their mistrust and disagreement. Lastly, desperately to place an finish to this type of torture, I try to persuade Alexei that the comfort of marriage is just not working.

She started strolling on the seashore alongside arduous packed sand near the water. I fell by the aspect, questioning the right way to go. In the long run, he decided on the most effective strategy.
"I've done a lot of thinking, Alexei and I can not go with you to get married."
Cardiac coronary heart fee beats he didn’t say anything. Then he turned his head to research him, his straightforward steps by no means shattered.
”Can't? Is there any obstacle I do not know? “
Of course he never happens that he didn't want to marry her.
”I'm not prepared for marriage. I'm simply flip twenty to thirty. “But many of his Jeirut peers were married to children.
"Since I've gone thirty. ”
” It isn’t so. “As soon as he said, I could have bitten my tongue.
"What is it?" His tone was flat, but he was excited that he stood behind a steep pedal behind a steep slope.
It's not the right decision for me. he is known to have tried. He should have spent time forgiving directly instead of taking the first opportunity to speak.
Alexei stopped and Mina had to stop. She reluctantly turned and looked at her. Behind the head, to the sea, a dark storm clouds, promising rains and relief from the weather were built. In the dry climate, the Earth felt heavy and close, almost claustrophobic.
Or maybe it was Alexey's sharp review. There is no trace of understanding now, which is almost easy to go through lately.
"So there is no age difference. So what? The idea of ​​getting my kids? ”
I stood and was amazed by the sensible eyes. He felt something flying deep. For the extra adventurous. Very delicate, when he imagined a toddler with black hair and green eyes, its expression morphing critical damaging. Alexey's youngster. And his.
His heart obtained moist and an incredible tremor threw him via.
It was absurd. He knew the person only on days. He had no plans for the youngsters soon.
But what he felt in that deep, inside degree could not be denied.
"No, you want kids, right, I?" was a gentle yarn that took him and made him all of the sudden, shockingly understanding he was right.
Marriage had never been his aim. She hadn't referred to as the bride or pretended the dolls have been babies. He had only one doll, a gift from a neighboring ruler who was too costly to play.
Still with the fitting associate I might imagine that motherhood is fantastic.
With the Right Associate
Abruptly, I felt utterly, devastatingly out of her depth. All these years he felt himself and what he needed – the suitable to decide on, the prospect to be an artist. She has labored exhausting and the job started paying. Now, from anyplace, this man knew him and needed issues he never needed earlier than.
He undermined his confidence and understanding of himself. And he had finished it in just days!
His spirit clogged in the chest and appeared away. "Does not matter. I have considered this carefully and I can not get married. ”
Silence. So the perfect tree bird seemed to stop singing. All I heard was that the waves were soft.
"It’s a must to give me extra."
"Pardon?" He rotated and met his flat look. He didn't take a look at all. As an alternative, Alexei appeared just and perhaps… amused? No, it couldn't be.
“You have to give me a reason. Your father assured me that you are interested. You got me to believe – ”
“ I got you to believe anything! “He was the one who took him here. "I tell you that marriage is out of the agenda."
Relief spurred him. How much easier it would be for Alex to tear him as if he was comfortable.
“I'm afraid I can't accept it. No, unless you give me a reason. ”
” Can't Accept? “I couldn't consider a person's bile. His arms have been found within the hips and he gave him a laser beam that should have sung a number of inches away from his threatening peak, however unfortunately it seemed to haven’t any impact on that outsized ego. "How then is this? I'm not all for you. If I am going to play comfortable households with any man I would really like someone to be chemistry between us." leaning on her head and her life became easier, he received a message See It had, after all, a simple
"I'll go and paken I'm positive you'd quite -..?.. Mina interrupted the interpretation, when a big hand wrapped across the arm of
&. # 39; Not so fast, Princess. he was careful to not touch him, not even brushing him because his consciousness of Carissa was within the preliminary place and he most popular a maintain a cool head the place cartels have been nervous, particularly when his father turned out to be troublesome despite the efforts of a prime researcher to locate him.
Alexei breathed deeply and smelled at her, the fragrant scent of exotic spices that made her need extra.
More than provocative advance and withdrawal recreation
More than this brush out.
Marriage was a shame, but Cariss's dismissal ended. Did he actually consider he might simply turn him back?
"Do you want chemistry?" His voice hit the bass and felt his shade. Her eyes widened and she or he grabbed the sherry-brown gaze as weak. However then he lowered these long lashes, overlaying his eyes, earlier than turning his head to chart his arresting hand. His exceptional stare and dangerous expression demanded that he be launched from him.
Why Quiet? As a result of he didn't trust his voice? Alexei looked at Carissan's pulse sensitivity under her throat
How might she say that chemistry had nothing to do with air accusing animals of attraction?
She stepped close to and nonetheless she wasn't wanting. Alexei is a curator. He wasn't scared, was he? The strange thought got here out of something when he grabbed his ideas. It was towards the whole lot he knew about him.
Caris was proud, appreciated and daring, contemplating how most people bowed to her wishes. It wasn't like he was inexperienced. Carter had mentioned a failed case with a Frenchman.
No, it wasn't scared when he was held. He learn his chest with a low rise and fall, a busy pulse.
"I can give you chemistry," Alexei broke. He put his hand underneath the jaw and raised it till he had no selection however to take a look at him. His mouth was a sophisticated line, but his eyes… His eyes glowed with dark gold.
He raised his hand to his aspect when he opened his lips and little question protested. So Alexei stopped him at his mouth

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Greek virgin bride…

… hides her royal id! personal island! Mina should guarantee Alexei that she is her future bride, however she does not anticipate their chilling chemistry is so delicious that … And after a night within the Greek bed there’s abruptly more stake than just the hidden id of Maha – her coronary heart is Alexei & # 39

Escape island paradise billionaire and his royal bride!
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Meet the writer:

USA At the moment's best-selling writer Annie West loves passionate, highly effective love tales. He has devoted his life to deep research of the tall, darkish, charismatic heroes that make the most effective effort within the lives of their heroes. Creating heroines which are good for these robust, cussed males is considered one of his favorites. As a Sideline, she has additionally studied dreamy places for love, from energetic cities to abandon camps and castles of fairy tales. She lives on the east coast of Australia and her favourite is books, good enterprise, good food and traveling.
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