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Spotlight & Giveaway

At this time it is a pleasure to welcome writer Amy Jarecki to HJ!

Hello Amy and welcome to HJ! We're so excited to speak to you about your new launch, The Highland Renegade!

Hello all, I am very excited to visit at the moment in a monumental HJ-blog!

In summary, a e-book for readers right here:

I can never resist the brash Highlander and it was a pleasure to write down! HIGH RENEGADE Robert Grant throws away the scams of a hostile clan and rides Janet Cameron to save lots of. The early winter storm hampers their escape, and the couple gets trapped within the mountains the place there’s nothing. Now tell me who doesn't need to be trapped in a cottage within the snow when Scotland's Highest Highlander? This guide is filled with dangerous and steamy scenes between two people who haven’t any love!

Tell your favorite strains or quotes from this guide:

The guide is when Laird Robert Grant is understood for his love for Miss Janet Cameron:

”I let your father stand in the best way but never once more. I really like you. I beloved you the primary time I noticed Inverlochy stables. I beloved you once I danced you on the Samhain roof. You tore my coronary heart nicely off my chest as you dropped down the hill. Ever since I’ve been in love for a slave, and I will provide you with a solemn oath, I don’t let anybody tell me that I'm undeserving of love. "

Share a number of funny details about this guide…

  • Janet suffers from a damaged hand on this e-book and observed exactly how troublesome it is to write down the protagonist with a damaged hand. I continuously checked to ensure that I took under consideration his work and the ache he brought on.
  • In addition, my editor cuts the original first chapter of this e-book, but as a country woman I assumed it was fun to point out the hero by operating cattle from the Highlands … but then my journalist is from New York and it was arduous to satisfy him. I actually like opening it now, particularly at the door of the Alehouse door:
  • Samhain Gathering, at 7 pm, Inverlochy Hall, Friday 31 October.
    No incentive. Weapons have to be checked on the door.
  • I all the time use a little bit of actual history in my story and this is no totally different. Though HIGHLAND RENEGADE is an unbiased ebook, Robert Grant and Janet Cameron have sword competitions at HIGHLAND CHIEFTAIN, where I arrange their clans. In actuality, Clan Grant and Clan Cameron have been allies in the course of the Jacobite years, and I used written permission to create a niche between them. I founded this love story with Iain-a-Chraggain Grant and Janet Cameron, who have been truly married in 1698. Concurrently the Highlands collection Lords, I decided to make a wedding in 1713
  • Janet gave her husband six youngsters and lived for eighty years. He stored himself to everybody he met. It’s stated that over 2,000 kin participated of their funeral to respect their love for their matriarch.
  • The report also exhibits that Robert was a supportive Jacobite and raised the usual with Marin Earl within the 1715 riot. He lost his nation in consequence, but by no means lost his deep love for Janet.

What does your hero hero first and vice versa?

The hero and the heroine have had a long-lasting attraction, however due to the uncertainty between their clans, neither may give themselves deep recognition. It's the actual story of enemies and pals.

If your work is chosen for a film, what scene do you employ to hear the primary characters and why?

I exploit a scene the place Janet wakes up when she has suffered from critical (trendy) hypothermia. Grant had to act shortly to warm her up and was wrapped together with her in leather-based upholstery … in fact Janet was unconscious:

Janet's head threw when she dreamed of operating. Warmly surrounds him, despite the fact that his thoughts floated under the edge of consciousness. One thing informed her that morning had come and she or he had to wake up. However each time he started mixing, his cranium swelled worse.

When one thing turned towards his again, his eyes flashed for a moment and then closed. He accelerated the pain, not solely from the megrim, but from the ache of his whole body.
Pricey Lord, let me sleep for a few minutes.

One thing was hooked up around his waist and a deep voice sighed. A very deep, masculine voice that should by no means be behind him as he slept. Janet's eyes swelled as her body stiffened. He dare not take breath, he turned slowly and appeared again.

Holy Snapdragons!

When he turns, he pulls his fist underneath his chin. Of all the Christians who might sleep with him, it was to be Laird Grant. Deliciously handsome, enduring Mr Grant. His cheek wound served unusually to increase his allure when he breathed somewhat pursed on his lips. Tender, mild, masculine lips. Had they kissed as they seemed? His tongue grabbed the highest of his mouth as he looked at how delicious he might taste.

No, no, no, no! This is a clumsy state of affairs

He accelerated the inflexible felt and peered out. Good sky, they were not alone. Snow-covered men are all around the hearth. Curiously, he was heat and dry, but the snow continued to fall. He seemed up, he understood why. He had slept underneath the bedrock – with Mr Grant.

The Lord is merciful, what if my father learns from this?

Out of the blue, panic seized his chest, making respiration unattainable. If he didn't get to this moment, he might die with full morality. How did he end up with such an unsure state of affairs? Sure, Mr Grant had ridden his salvation. He gave him a blanket when he was freezing to demise. Thank you for the celebs for his kindness, however he had not given him permission to do… make… good glory!

This example can destroy her at different occasions. He couldn't afford to stay wrapped up when Mr. Grant took a moment.

Janet kicked her legs, but they didn't go. He pushed towards the felt, however it was as rigid as the oak shell. Had they tied him to this conflict? If that they had used and emphasized him when he was absent?

His megrim folded ten occasions as he threw and kicked. "Get me out!" By getting slightly area, he cried to his elbow on the Highlander behind him. In his panic, Janet's chest tightened, making it more durable and more durable to breathe.

"The Blood of God, Woman!"

He sucked worthwhile air.

Whereas sitting down, he threw the blanket aside and rose to his ft. "Have you come?" He insisted, grabbed his shoulders and looked at him with a toe, wild eyes and filled with alarm.

Readers should learn this guide…

If they need packed Highlander's romance. The phrases of the evaluators:

  • ”Flirtatious, sensual romance and journey meets the pages of this unimaginable historical web page and the downstream of Jacobit's insurrection raises pleasure. with particulars and a wonderfully matched hero and heroine whose sensual abuse is scorching sufficient to heat the coldest Scottish night time. "- Booklist
  • " If you enjoy confusing romance, fascinating characters and a fast moving plot of danger, you get your hands on HIGHLAND RENEGADE! "- Recent Fiction

What are you doing now? What other publications do you’ve gotten in your books?

• I just started writing seven books in THE HIGHLAND PIRATE collection.
• HIGH EARL is the subsequent collection and release on June 25th.
• I also write Regency Romance and THE DUKE & # 39; s UNTAMED DESIRE on April 2, and it's additionally a pre-order.

Thanks for the blog at HJ!

Giveaway: I'll hand over two signed copies of THE HIGHLAND RENEGADE! (International winners have books delivered by means of ebook gross sales.)

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Extract from the Highland Renegade:

Robert and Janet play in the snow, they usually play the danger in each and betting secrets:

rolls a cube, or do I have one to go? “No use when knit in your head thinks you’ll be able to cross me. He had already informed him all the things he dared to divulge to anybody, to not mention Sir Ewen's daughter Cameron.

Vixen sat greater, eyes heavy and slightly glazed. Now dry, his hair hung his waist in waves, like a lion's brush. In addition, the innocent widow had no concept how engaging she appeared. He leaned closer, shifting to offer him a pleasant view of his block, because he had loads of chest that was tense for a too wild spirit.

"Do you have more secrets, Mr. Grant?" Rattling, his eyes

He took his hair locked and wounded around his finger. During all his days, he by no means forgets his silky feeling. "I enjoy your rage" … Draw a lock on his nose, he breathed his unique scent. "So much," he whispered.

The intensity of their unintentional streets elevated ten occasions. He felt conscious of the embarrassment of the installation and scattered it with a smile. "I believe you've flirted with me."

"Never." He shouted the cube. “But I need another secret from you. I've revealed too much. ”

” Properly.


"Nine." He threw a cube and rolls two fives.

“Outs.” He grinned behind his cup. "I listen."

"Ugh." He hit his palms within the air, he cried. “Two years ago I kissed Malcolm MacGowan at the Inverness meeting. He took the dice and pushed them to Robert's palm. “I've had enough of this game. It ends up with nothing but trouble, I want it down on my slip. ”

He slid his cube into his sporran. "I don't speak the word, I give you a lie, as long as you promise to keep my trust."

"Of course I'm going." The lady lifted her jaw and seemed innocent however secular, composing nonetheless embarrassed

With out excited about the end result, she smoothed her fingers alongside her cheeks. When his lips divorced, his fingers started to trace his lips. "Satiny smooth."

He waited for him to hit him or at the least take him away, but he obtained up and rolled his fingers around his undamaged cheek. The miracle glanced in his eyes. "Your shave is softer than I imagined."

He clarified his throat. “I'd like to shave tomorrow.”

Together with his lips enjoying with a smile smiling. “I think you're quite hitting in the dark shade. Maybe you look like a captain. ”

Her embarrassing hand circled by means of her hair on her neck. "Did you say hitting?" He asked, the voice deep and gravel

"Mm-hmm." These rosy lips turned up, bow formed, twisted, trembling somewhat and searching delicious.

when he lowered his chin. "And you got MacGowan two years ago?"

"I did."

"Anyone else then?"


when you’re sprayed with such affection. ”…

Extract. © Launched with permission. All rights reserved.

Ebook info:

She has sworn the daughter of her enemy…
The well-known rage Laird Robert Grant is above all a loyal chief of the Highland clan. However when Redcoat captures a competitor's daughter, she displaces them and their competition to salvation. Janet Cameron is beautiful, charming and so engaging, however Cameron's woman is the final lady she ever needs.

He’s one in every of his happiness in hope…
Janet humbly refuses to surrender, not even when surrounded by enemies. He takes all the chances to flee, to begin with from English soldiers after which very badly from Robert. Nevertheless, with each day they spend together, his sudden chips take him progressively. Can he depend on him sufficient to make the hazard and the deceptive material choose the revenge of affection?
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Meet the writer:

Multi-Award-winning and Amazon All-Star writer, Amy Jarecki needs to seize life, lock and reach the celebs. He writes historical romance in numerous collection overlaying several epochs with 30 printed books. He’s learning karate in the studio of Saint George & # 39; s Bobbly Lawrence, and he typically finds climbing on the Santa Clara hills in Utah. Amy advised several occasions, sang and dance with Follies, was a ballet dancer, manufacturing unit director and accountant Arnott's biscuits in Australia. After receiving an MBA from Heroit-Watt College in Scotland, he came to the world of historic romanticism in Scotland and has not returned. Come into her world and skim extra about Amy's books at
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