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By Adam McGovern
March 21, 2019

Off-Matter brings you superior, tangent essays, dialogues and subjective scholarship at random, impulsively. This month, a conversation and a diary with an enthralling chanteuse and the middle deity of Raquel Cion in his incarnation as the final nice Bowie character that solely he was capable of create.


The very best function of history is to not repeat what happened, but to inform us what no one knew until now. Raquel Zion pulls nets from David Bowie's music by saying and intentionally in a means that reveals one thing new to us every time. Bowie had the facility to arrange the relative weight of previous identities in the story of her life, to direct the general public perception of her and her potential, and thus change the previous. In Zion's interpretation of his canon, the eyewitness journey alongside his cultural influences and its importance for one distorted work of suburban schooling, the totally different deadlines of Bowie's own work transfer forward in their context in culture and in Zion's life modifications. First I noticed his cabaret memo, “Me & Mr. Jones: My Intimate Relationship with David Bow”, shortly after Bowie's demise, when it was already a profound change in what I had heard just some weeks before. Honor turned a monument, and by the top of the yr, the exhibition was a metamorphic survival point, the battle of Zion in the diary of his own life, when he was recognized with cancer, in dialogue with music, which was given in some ways firstly of his full life. In response to the music again, he gave emotional efficiency about what would have been Bowie's birthday this yr (January eight, 2019), and we talked about his third anniversary – two days later. Now to say hey again and allow us to inform you a lot more stories, Zion and I shared a number of moments of the longer term…

HILOBROW: How are you from today?

Cion: I have prevented Fb and all other social media, as a result of everybody has one thing to say, and I am typically pressured to say something again, so I've gone out and I used to be simply very quiet … and knitting and cooking …

HILOBROW: I hope [19659004] CION: In fact

HILOBROW: Three years to make an unbiased exhibition, how do you assume your "live" music changed, now that you simply go after the point the place there isn’t any longer this music?

Cion: Nicely, I'm positive there are some secrets, a few of the issues that we do not know. [But] I'm all the time amazed at how I never get uninterested in listening to Bowiea, or to see him at the sight of variations of images of him. So it seems to me that there’s so much return, and there are such a lot of ways to look back and take heed to issues in new ways. There’s all the time something to seek out. And perhaps I'm denying that new music doesn’t come [laughs] –

HILOBROW: I meant just lately produced, I'm positive there's lots of stuff!

CION: Yeah, he's been planning issues for some time.

HILOBROW: I've by no means seen your show earlier than he was gone, but did you employ it before he died, or earlier than [the track from the Lazarus musical] "Little Time" killed? As a result of this word, "rage," is so central…

CION: I exploit this word for dependents as a result of I decided this conduct once I lived with somebody who had this conduct – and hey there’s [even] tin machine reference; [sings: “Ragin’, ragin’, ragin’, burnin’ in my room!”] – Sure, it was there before. “Threatening for a little while” got here to the cancer listing. As a result of it appears to me that the music just isn’t a most cancers, it seems to me. Perhaps I expected, nevertheless it looks like this; it simply speaks a fantastic deal concerning the expertise, which I have unfortunately skilled.

HILOBROW: Once I heard you sing it the second night time, it occurred to me for the primary time that it was virtually as if "Killing a Little Time" is "It's not Pt. 1 ”to“ Dollar Days ”. 2 ”- they confer with their mortality, and one accepts, and one doesn’t settle for.

CION: And I adore it when he swears when he says "fuck" because – he is aware of how one can tell a narrative He is aware of methods to use these words, use weight, use a selected accent or lightness or coarseness, so when he says " to destroy you, "it's like who-oah … or" Girl Loves Me "when she says" where fuck on Monday went ", it's like its depth …

HILOBROW: She saves it until it actually means one thing.

CION: It's a selection, it's not simply every different phrase [laughs]

HILOBROW: Now that you simply point out it, it's like a lyrical response to what individuals have discovered more in a musical structure than I deliver out, in his compositions never going to the place you have got been ready. And, in fact, the word I requested is the title of considered one of his rumorous songs…

CION: Wait, which one?

HILOBROW: "Rage", supposedly from the very beginning [and right here I am utterly misremembering the much-alleged, completed but unreleased “final” music “Blaze”]. Perhaps [it’s] Among the many 5 additional demos, Tony Visconti claimed that Bowie had sent him after Blackstar. What if they have been as absolutely realized as the album "Tis Pity She Was a Whore", which was launched earlier than the album, may be launched.

CION: What I had lately listened to was not in a moment. And I adore it – in that demo there’s such an fascinating mania; I feel like he’s actually enjoying… really feel manic, despite the fact that he looks like a performer, he is utterly in command of it – it's not like mania when he lists the days of the week in a 20-minute drum solo "Jean Genie" [laughter] or crazy The accent he speaks towards a lot of the cracked actor

HILOBROW: "Tis Pity" is a wierd factor that it is manic and methodical.

CION: And when my voice instructor says, it's his "real-life"; She lives actually fragile and fantastic falsetto on her.

HILOBROW: Behind the 12-inch back was "stored home", and I considered what sort of residence just? [laughter] How do you plan to proceed with the exhibition's coherence and potential new roles or priorities that certain songs make in your life (or your instincts as a performer)? We’ve seen it with "Killing", however can only see the interpretations which might be evolving, or might you anticipate the actual setlists who change over time – or just whenever you make totally different performances or settings


CION: I feel it might change over time, the present is changing – who talks to Bowie and his canon! – but in addition speaks to the place that he or she is in my life, so what state of affairs I am myself, professionally, health, social, no matter what place the world is, it appears to me, that’s one thing that speaks to these points. The items of the exhibition are certainly used to promote the [the life story] meta-story. And typically it makes use of songs itself to inform the story, so I don't have to. So it’s interchangeable. However it seems to me additionally that we’ve a very sweet place, where the show is true now, although I always traveled the manuscript. And we are altering it for various audiences, and if for example there is a big day; we simply made an exhibition for his birthday. It took a variety of considering on my part, like, how do you acknowledge that with out being just "Ohmygods" sDavidBowie & sbirthday! " – For years and years I'll take a time off [laughs] and I just take heed to Bowie or watch films; I've all the time had a day dedicated to only immerse myself. Though… most of my days are like this [laughs]. However it's extra fascinating.

However I need to do it for many who will not be Bowie followers? And I feel all of us have something we go for comfort or something that brings us again to a spot of joy or love or security. Or the thing that simply talks about our soul, whatever it’s.

HILOBROW: One of the things I obtained extra information about the feedback of some people who came to you after the birthday presentation is that … I feel in some ways, making principally the lesser-recognized selection of a ebook really helps individuals be a part of more because they don’t come with an earlier view that the whole lot is probably unfavorably measured? It's like you had people who appeared to be somewhat younger than we stated, "No, I didn't know much about these songs, but now I like them," whereas I personally go to Lazarus and assume, "Wow I didn't know" Heroes' might be silly!

CION: Oh, Jesus. [laughter] Have you learnt he didn't want it.

HILOBROW: I know he gave [co-playwright Enda] Walsh carte Blanche to select up songs…

CION: Yes, however he stated he didn't want one, and then they satisfied him. Did you see [David Bowie is…] in Brooklyn, that they had a script, a Lazarus sketch. I only read the primary web page of the draft and it was rather more fascinating than what [was staged].

HILOBROW: Feeling that it isn’t or might even conflict together with his view


CION: There’s, however it’s also a shit; this part is harder for me to speak and really feel more weak than speaking about cancer and talking about dying. There's knowledgeable disgrace. As a result of… although I didn't like the present! – I nonetheless needed to be in the present [laughter].

HILOBROW: Everyone seems to be sympathetic to dealing with the wrestle, whereas any self-disappointment that isn’t involved in the idol threatens to… put it once I walked away [the birthday show] I keep in mind this scene within the unique Fame film [irony unintended :-)] where the actor says Freddie Prinze For a child: "Easy, whether you want to laugh with you, not you"; you had individuals laughing and crying with you.

CION: I received a bit of tiff with my very pricey pal who stated, "Who do you say [Lazarus] wasn't a good job?" Seeing the work [in 2015] I felt like something was improper – even flawed. I used to be like, “I don't see her hand right here. I don't see him sufficient here. "

HILOBROW: This is likely one of the reasons that script draft is" David Bowie is "software, because probably the most fascinating part of the exhibition, once I saw it standing there in Chicago [laughs] half an hour and skim his notes;

CION: Similar.

HILOBROW: I might have had the thought to go to the Brooklyn exhibition and if they might give me, I might find yourself, so I can only see the elements that weren’t in Chicago, but I might by no means march into the emotional power to see it, the period of private associations [Note: I saw it on a trip to Chicago that was my last with my late wife] – but if it's in the app, i can enter that anytime!

Although his stuff is changing so radically on the demo official recording that’s exhausting to say … my emotions are right in the midst of you and your folks in between: Lazarus is essentially a poor job, however I nonetheless beliefs that till that day, when he died, he knew precisely what he does, and it was good [approval]. I imply, you just need to learn the interviews in 1987 to know that he did precisely what he did with eg Never Let Me Down, despite the fact that he then rejected that album for the rest of his life [laughs].

CION: My principle is that … apparently he was unwell, [and also] I consider individuals have been intimidated. Ivo van Hove has his actor, and Bowie – though he wrote the lyrics or wrote the music or brought the demo – when he received into the room, he wrote; he modified things, he, you understand, "Oh, [let me] step out for an hour, see, I wrote" Heroes "" [laughter]. So he was used to creating a studio in the process. So I feel he selected the individuals – I mean, I really like the work of Ivo van Hoven, numerous it, and I really like the work of Enda Walsh – however I feel they didn't push back. And I feel he chooses his colleagues to push back. And challenge your self and problem her. And that's all about Blackstar and his EP from Lazarus. And it's a joyous pushing again, I imply, it's listening and making an attempt, and … it's a joyous quality, overcoming your self.

HILOBROW: The thrust creates friction, while I get the feeling of Lazarus, who is just not a fireplace however a distance, and who has not gathered. I feel, in fact, that Walsh advised us that Bowie informed him [after Lazarus was set up]: "Let's start next!", Who I can consider in, and it also believes that the ultimate product of Lazarus was Bowie certified. [But] that he appreciated it … not a tough nature, however simply a gap determine [at doing a musical]. What doesn’t rule out the likelihood that if he had lived, he would have poisoned it enormously afterwards.

CION: Oh, all proper.

HILOBROW: This all goes back to the roundabout once I asked too much for a pedestrian exhibition – what was my sense of how you keep this stability, in itself between artistic rigidity, static and evolution. However you've answered it pretty nicely above! Whenever you stated that you are the show is presently in recent place, I've seen it 5 or 6 occasions now in several types, and but [at the birthday gig] presentation, the dialogue between songs, it felt more like I heard it for the primary time than another

Cion: Oh good, meaning I do my job!

HILOBROW: I might hear somebody who heard it for the first time by means of the ears.

CION: And it appears to me that numerous credits go to my musicians – and feel silly and respectable and somewhat indignant by calling them "my" musicians as a result of they don’t seem to be mine, but I ask them if I can [laughs] because they’re superb. Everyone brings a lot excellence, a lot presence; we are actually listening, really listening to one another. They usually do some really bold issues and really feel very recent each time. And are we going to very robust emotional places? However it’s such a lovely stability with risks and security. It feels very group-centered and really united. And we just really take pleasure in one another's company; it allows peaks to be really excessive and low so low; it allows this area, "they really bring full self into it."

HILOBROW: And I take word that… it appears obvious to me that you simply depart it open for a workout, as the Bowie session, for instance, can be what every player brings to it? It seems like you’re even leaving its gap in an sudden stage, as well as the best way you jointly prepare the interpretations?

CION: I really feel like I need to respect his music, and even more, I need to respect what I consider to be the purpose of every music. We have now such a mix of my intentions and what I suppose is his intention to do certain issues in order that they will work in a larger story.

HILOBROW: Properly, it was meant to only occur to someone who listens to their bed room, [intent and impression] are two elements

CION: That's why Gaga's tribute to Gramm was such a fiasco. Though she had hits, she hit No. 1, she had hooks, she wasn't such a author. And the songs that basically make me are songs that basically open up and actually have layers and layers.

HILOBROW: I feel the sections additionally had layers, it's simply that Gaga's performance selected visitors only on the floor… [19659004] CION: Really, he had a method, everyone knows it, but his type is so sturdy because it was content material.

HILOBROW: To not mention the colourful theater, we know that Bowie had all the time needed to make a musical, and once I was watching my show last time, I questioned how uncommon it is for individuals to be coated… there aren’t many properly-recognized Bowie covers. Once I looked at my exhibition, I assumed, I feel perhaps it is so troublesome and so comparatively rare that folks cope with their songs because they have been presupposed to be in context and make him present extra successful and fruitful than his music.

CION: It is potential. I’ve to consider it. It's actually fascinating. Additionally it is fascinating as a result of he didn’t all the time set his blanket… for nearly each album. There isn’t any margin for the subsequent day – but there are such a lot of references to his other affairs.

HILOBROW: I do not think about it as referential as many people, although it seems that he’s learning his many occasions in his life, which he had not dealt with in his music at that time. Most obviously one thing "Feel So Lonely You Could Die" –

CION: I Love This Track –

HILOBROW: – And every time I hear this music, I feel the voice (not lyrics) this music is the one that is older In the 1950s, though we often don’t bind him presently. As Ziggy Stardust lastly honored and made her "Heartbreak Hotel" model.

CION: And "Five Year" Drums [at the end]…

HILOBROW: Yeah, he would go back to music [19459056

CION: He did this; he was not [sentimental] however he was – I don't know if it's just a work ethic or things that just cling with him, however there are such basic stories he never stopped investigating, or things he continued. So although he was very quick to move and check out something else, there was all the time this thing or this is making an attempt to figure out one factor. And also you see it for a while. In fact we all have our stuff, and all of us work by way of it.

Cion turns 50 nights solely on July 19, when the New York membership Pangea becomes an area inside the particular exhibition meta for Bowie's personal landmark; take a look at the Pangean or Me & Mr. Jones web sites when they’re carrying information.

Pictures, from prime to backside: Queen, such a queen, in New York's Pangea (first photograph, Kevin W. Condon; next three, Roque Nonini); Philadelphia's all walls (Raquel's image) and Philly Loves Bowie's week 2019 room (Elizabeth Tulin Gross); scene with Lazarus and Bowie workouts with Ivo van Hoven; Raquel (middle) Jammin's good (l-r) drummer Michael Ryan Morales, bassist Daniel Shuman, guitarist Jeremy Bass (typically simply works like this), and keyboard / musical director Karl Saint Lucy (photograph by Fred Howard); Lady so non-Stardust in Grammys; Rockabilly-bot Bowie, 1983 Images Images; and Main Tom's rise and fall (prime, Love You Till Tuesday, 1969 and backside, Blackstar video, 2015)

Raquel costumes: David Quinn


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