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Several years in the past I invented the Killogator logline formulation. It has been extremely widespread as a result of it works properly. But people who try to use the components typically ask me for logline examples that help them create logos in their own tales.

Thankfully, I also write ebook, movie and recreation evaluations and all have logic, so I have

Listed here are all.


Movie Film Examples

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Atomic Blonde Film Evaluation

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Listed here are some movie log examples which are created utilizing the Killogator formulation

American Murderer

A young American united with an unauthorized authorities murderer, hoping for revenge towards terrorists who murdered his life. Tasks in South America, he quickly realizes that it is the superb drug smuggling protection in the USA in. cartels


In the course of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the CIA officer intends to assist six American diplomats flee from a country disguised as a Canadian film crew, but when revolutionary guards close and his superiors do not help, he should move shortly to not be requested and executed.

Atomic Blonde

MI6 sends its greatest troubleshooting to Berlin to retrieve an important info clock, and Defector who produced it. Defeated by the mole of MI6, the agent should monitor competing intelligence providers competing for competitors, rescue the defect, and find out who is the traitor.

Spy Bridge

At the peak of the Cold Struggle, the Soviet spy and the American spyplane pilot have been taken. An American lawyer should use all of his negotiating expertise to navigate by means of bitter enemies and mediator.


When a lady's husband is murdered, she notices that she was a traitor who shops the CIA of happiness. At the danger of her life and together with her buddies on the double cross between her CIA and her husband, she has to seek out money and determine if she will trust a mysterious man who will help her.


When an MI5 agent who’s obsessive about stopping a terrorist plot that he can’t persuade his superiors to be flying to Egypt to query a British man whom he believes is organizing, he must determine how far he intends to stop the attack.


When a light-hearted businessman enters right into a futuristic mega-business cyber-spy warfare, he has to determine if his solely instincts might be trusted by his instincts

The Remaining Countdown [19659008] A modern airplane arrives close to Pearl Harbor in 1941 and finds Japanese potential to assault. Timers should determine if history will change by destroying the Japanese fleet.


When the assassination of a teen assassin goes fallacious, she is pursued by a ruthless CIA agent and should fulfill their secrets

Iron Sky

In 2018, the Nazis who lived there since 1945 intercept a US astronaut . He’s pressured to help them of their plans to overcome the land. When the attack begins, he tries to stop the Nazis from being destroyed by the Nazis.

Kingsman: Secret Service

When a billionaire entrepreneur plot "clears" mankind, a trainee in a secret unbiased intelligence service has the chance to prove himself to be a better representative than probably the most privileged candidates

. and Mrs. Smith

When a person and wife are assassinating, they work with competing businesses, they should determine whether or not love ought to be before enterprise.

Overseas spies within the Northwest

he must avoid the authorities long sufficient to uncover the plot of spies and rescue a mysterious lady who is combined with them.


The self-destructive daughter of the accused fraudster asks an American agent whom he loves to seduce in Nazi South America. When Nazi asks her to marry her, she has to determine how far she is going to deceive her to seek out her plan.


When a CIA representative is accused of an infiltrator of Russian profound protection as a part of the murder of a Russian President and a plot brought on by a nuclear struggle, he should determine the place his loyalty lies when he takes revenge on his mighty past that has set him.


A former MI6 agent steals the names of a substance containing a tough drive, and Bond must take demons from his previous and presence in an try and rescue M.


When Bond's Past Returns to It happiness with the daughter of the previous opponent, while making an attempt to stop the menace to the liberty of the world.

Spies Like Us

US intelligence promotes two incompetent, giving them terrible training and sending them to tug from real spies. But when the actual spies are killed, the unfortunate dups should do an actual job

Spy who beloved me

When the British and Soviet submarines are stolen, Bond and his feminine Soviet counterpart should work collectively to stop the megalomaniac and his indestructible hunter using the submarine nuclear missiles , provoke the Third World Struggle.

Wild Geese

An growing older mercenary is hired to save lots of an African politician.

Zero Dark Thirty

After 19 years, the CIA analyst spends years monitoring Osama bin Laden and negotiating terrorist bombs, ethical problems and skeptical superiors to find a terrorist chief's hiding place and reassuring the federal government to attack it.

TV collection Logline Examples

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Ha yley Atwell as Eva Delectorskaya in Minisists Stressed

"data-medium-file ="×240.jpg "data-large-file =" /wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Restless-featured-Picture-640×480.jpg "class =" aligncenter-size-media wp-image-1055 "src =" uploads /2013/02/Stressed-featured-Image-320×240.jpg "alt =" Hayley Atwell as Eva Delectorskaya in mini collection Unshaven "Width =" 320 "Height =" 240 "/>

The TV collection can simply use the identical

Deutschland 83

In the 1980s, Germany, an East German secret police, sent a young soldier from east to west as a spy.

London Spy

In London homosexual finds his MI6 operative lover. however, with the conspirators seemingly robust, he has to sacrifice the whole lot to seek out the truth.

The Game

Within the 1970s London, the KGB defector warns MI5 of a Soviet plot to destabilize Britain. When a K5 agent penetrates MI5, service suppliers should determine who can belief, discover who will cheat them and one way or the other cease the plot.


In 1976, the elderly and the spoiled spies harking back to how he was sent to the US earlier than World Conflict II as a provocative agent and how then the haunting fraud needs revenge at this time

Warsaw spies

When the Second World Conflict approaches the French spy in Poland reveals German battle plans, and should struggle towards Nazi and Soviet assassins when he tries to warn each nations of danger.

New Logline Examples

Logos will not be just films and television, because these logical examples are based mostly on novels I reviewed exhibition:

Various historical logline example

<img data-attachment-id = "3202" data-permalink = " gb-Hitler-in-london /" data-orig-file = " "data-orig-size =" 640,480 "data-comments-opens =" ​​0 "data-image-meta =" "hole" / uploa ds / 2013/10 / SS-GB-Hitler-in-London.jpg ":" 2.four "," credit ":" "," digital camera ":" iPhone 4S "," caption ":" "," create_timestamp ":" 1380792779 "," copyright ":" "," focal_length ":" four.28 "," massive ":" 50 "," shutter_speed ":" zero.033333333333333 "," title ":" "" data-image-title = "SS-GB Len Deighton E-book Evaluation" data-image-description = "

SS-GB, Len Deighton – Guide Assessment

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New estimates of other historical past embrace all logline examples:

Afrika Reich

In a world where Nazi Germany has subjugated most of Africa, a British mercenary is being murdered by certainly one of Africa's German principals. mission goes fallacious and he has to attempt to escape the unimaginable odds

That Jew

In a world the place Accomplice States gained the US Civil Conflict, and the USA is a poor drain, the historian makes use of an excellent but unstable mathematician's time to return to the Getty battle in sburg and witness the struggle turning point

Future race

A traveler explores a deep mine pit by chance in his means in an underground metropolis inhabited by historic civilization.


In a world where Nazi Germany gained World Warfare II, the German police investigate a conspiracy with high-level Nazi Deaths and need to determine how a lot he’s prepared to sacrifice to seek out the darkest secrets of the winner's third kingdom.

South Weapons

In the course of the American Civil Warfare, White-Degree Time Passengers deliver trendy attack rifles to the Accomplice Military. But progress and justice usually are not so simply repressed when passengers wait.

The Hive Assemble

In the upcoming city, where the civil warfare is furious, a scattered hacker should try to cease the computer virus from destroying the town and

King Solomon Mines

The Victorian African hunter guides the expedition to seek out the wealth of the Bible King.

The Madagascar Plan

In Nazi Germany-controlled Africa, a former British agent detects his Jewish lover in Madagascar. When the island rebels, his arsenal and their youngsters are lacking, he must struggle insurmountable odds to save lots of him.


Professor Victoria and his adopted son journey to Africa to seek out misplaced civilizations. They assume they are principally dominated by an immortal lady with distinctive magnificence, energy and cruelty, they are helpless to resist their plans to marry a boy and control the British kingdom.

The voice of his voice

someway carried a hundred years into the way forward for a world where the Nazis gained World Warfare II. Robbed by different individuals on the game and hunted by Reich Grasp Forester, he is making an attempt to escape his personal world.


In a UK occupied by Nazi Germany, a British scientist investigates homicide as a nuclear physicist. He has to dismantle the difficult plots of his German leaders and British resistance to survive and move the atomic bomb secret to Britain's final hope: USA.

Examples of Spy Triller Novel Logline

<img data-attachment-id = "8683" data-permalink = "" data-orig-file = "http: // Olivia-Joules.jpg "data-orig-size =" 640,480 "data-comments-opens =" ​​0 "data-image-meta =" "aperture": "1.eight", "credit score": "", "digital camera": "iPhone 7", "caption": "", "create_timestamp": "1502803986", "copyright": "", "focal_length": "three.99", "massive": "32", "shutter_speed": "zero.01", "title:" "," path ":" 6 "" data-image-title = "Olivia Joules and Helen Fielding's overactive imagination: Ebook Evaluate "data-image-description ="

Olivia Joules and Helen Fielding's Overactive Imagination: Ebook Assessment

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My adware registers also embrace logline examples: [19659007] Ashenden [19659008] Throughout World Struggle I, the British Intelligence recruits a well-known writer and sends him to a spying recreation in Switzerland, the sensible nature of his missions and the tragic fate of many spies leaving him disillusioned

Bulldog Drummond

Great Britain, demobilized soldier, mentions nineteen to twenty years "excitement" associated with a younger lady who e the tightening of an alien agent to his father, the bothnevik-style revolution and its attempts to find the plot instigate.

Casino Royale

Within the 1950s, the French British spy tried to bankrupt a corrupt Soviet representative on a card desk. When a plan is at a horrible value, she has to determine on love and obligation.

Judgments by John Delahunt

In Victoria, Dublin, a scholar pulls spying on the British. Pettiless and determined for a catastrophic marriage, he begins making murders, shaping different individuals and accumulating rewards. His last want is to inform, doomed and doomed to dying,

Jackal Day

In France, within the 1960s, the onerous imperialists hired knowledgeable assassination to kill President de Gaulle. When a Frenchman finds a plot, the murderer must stay one step ahead of an excellent French detective so that he can complete his mission and change his history.

Kotka Has Descended

During World Conflict II, the German paratrooper and the Irish revolutionary invaded England making an attempt to intercept Churchill.

Needle Eye

Throughout World Struggle II, the British ruthless spy discovered the D-Day secrets and fled to Germany to vary the course of struggle. However when he is shipwrecked on a small island in Scotland, he meets a lady who could also be good for him.


When the Russians are creating an virtually unstoppable fighter aircraft, a British intelligence invades an American pilot into the united states desperately making an attempt to steal an plane. The pilot must keep away from the KGB and the Soviet Air Drive and additionally handle personal demons when he tries to escape the aircraft.

With Love from Russia

The Soviets are going to doubt the British secret service by attracting James Bond to Istanbul and then killing him in a dangerous place with a gorgeous defector. Bond must use all of his expertise to lure, to save lots of the woman and to show the tables to their attackers.

Nice Character

In 1913, a German spy took a lifeless British id and penetrated a sleeping British society, however when he falls in love together with his English spouse and his Hungarian ex-lover, he has to determine how you can cope with two ladies who may break their plans.

The Gun Seller

In the 1990s, London ex-soldier collided with a conspiracy funded by a billionaire arms supplier, a terrorist assault.

Pink October Searching

When a revolutionary new Soviet submarine makes an attempt to defeat the USA, the Russians chase it over the Atlantic with all the things they have. The CIA analyst, who suspects the submarine captain's true motives, should attempt to attract up a plan to information rogue submarines to security. The submarine takes a British spy to research. He has to cope with sabotage, harsh arctic climates and murderous Soviet representatives to seek out the truth.


When a British agent investigating the kidnapping of prime researchers has been kidnapped, he has to attempt to resist brainwashing

A man who was on Thursday

In London, a poet penetrates an underground anarchist in Edwardian. Selected Thursday's publish within the Anarchist Council, dominated by a horrible Sunday, the poet tries to stop anarchist murder in Paris. But when the storyline is surreal, he is not sure who trusts and even what’s actual.

The Ministry of Worry

In World Struggle II, the widow is pressured to spy on a conspiracy and has been developed for homicide. When he will get an amnesia in an explosion, he must attempt to restore his reminiscence and discover out what the conspiracy plan is.

Wenceslas Night time

Nice Britain, a younger man pressured into a secret messenger of communist Czechoslovakia within the 1950s. In Prague he finds that he’s double and tries to escape to the British Embassy, ​​which is occupied by the Czech secret police

Olivia Joules

When a reporter begins to suspect that a multi-millionaire who treats him is He’s also a terrorist champion, he turns A freelance spy who creates real spies, sharks and dives in an effort to seek out out what he actually is.

One lonely night time

A personal eye is lacking to save lots of a young lady from killing she has committed suicide. A personal eye explores the invader's communist and Soviet connections because of the have to fulfill their very own lust for violence and murder.

Our man in Havana

In 1950, Cuba, a salesman of a vacuum cleaner, needed cash to finance his daughter in an extravagant way of life, selling false intelligence to MI6, drawing Soviet attention. Once they determine to remove him, he calls the turning plot to attempt to save himself and his daughter.

Pattern Recognition

A advertising marketing consultant who misplaced his father in a 9/11 assault tries to seek out out who’s behind the key video clips on the Internet. However any person tries to stop him from following the path to its source, and he should determine who he can belief if he needs to hint the enigmatic filmmaker.

Quiller Memo

In the 1960s Berlin, a British agent to review the neo-Nazi organization. She meets a mysterious lady and performs cat and mouse games together with her opponents as she searches for their base and leader.

Pink Joan

In a quiet English metropolis, an previous lady is opposed to questioning MI5 whereas making an attempt to be alienated by her barrister son.

Sands of the Sands

When an amateur-British sailor on a crusing vacation within the Baltic Sea collides with a German attack plan that has been reached by the renegade English, he should select to warn the nation and love the traitor's daughter.

Rogue Male

The highest-class English hunter is tortured and left lifeless, however flees back to England, where he tries to "go to the country" within the countryside. The enemy catches him and must use all his searching expertise to survive.

Six Condor Days

In the 1970s, Washington DC, CIA analyst, returned to lunch to discover all of his workplace. Thriller Invaders. He can't belief anyone inside the CIA, however he's making an attempt to avoid it earlier than he can unleash the conspiracy behind the assault.


In the future of dystopia, assassination without feelings is asked to search for a misplaced lady. When his feelings begin to return, he has to determine whether to execute his command to kill a lady or to interrupt together with his employer and shield him … and the secret he has revealed.

The Spy, who came from the chilly

The burnt British spy burnt down at the peak of the Chilly Warfare is being asked to fake to be a flaw in order that he can limit the enemy's spymaster, but he falls in love with the naïve communist and suspects he is a soldier in a cynical double

Stamboul Practice

Choir Dancer and Businessman Begins the Case at Orient Categorical, but when a Yugoslav secret police arrests a dancer, the entrepreneur has to determine what he’s prepared to sacrifice to save lots of him

Thirty-nine steps

Just before World Struggle I, a Scottish adventurer finds the lifeless man in his condominium, murdered by a German spy ring. An important suspect of murder, he goes to run and keep away from abduction, clears his identify and saves his country.

Where Eagles Dare

During World Conflict II, a gaggle of British spies try to rescue an American Common from an unbelievable fort from the German Alps, but once they find that there are twin agents within the group, the workforce must discover out who is the traitor and then escape the large odds.

Cartoon Examples

<img data-attachment -id = "8421" data-permalink = "" data-orig-file = "http: // graemeshimmin .com / wp-content / uploads / 2017/07 / Ministry -of-Space.png "data-orig-size =" 640,480 "data-comments-opens =" ​​0 "data-image-meta =" " gap ":" 0 "," credit ":" "," digital camera "": "", "caption": "", "created_timestamp": "0", "copyright": "", "FOCAL_LENGTH": "0 "," huge ":" zero "," shutter_speed ":" 0 "," title ":" "," orientation ":" 0 "" data-image-title = "Evaluate of ministry graphics" data-image-description = "

Ministry of Area Graphic Reform

"data-medium-file ="×240.png "data-large-file =" /wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Ministry-of-Area.png "class =" aligncenter-size-media wp-image-8421 "src =" 2017 /07/Ministry-of-Area-320×240.png "alt =" Ministry of Area Graphic Evaluation "width =" 320 "height =" 240 "/>

These logline examples present how the Killogator components also applies to comics.

Ex Machina

After encountering an artifact from the Brooklyn Bridge, the engineer is able to control the machines in his mind when he makes use of his power to stop 9/11 attacks, turning into mayor, New York Metropolis, and exploring mysterious, mad-looking glyphs.

The Eaters of Life

When Nazi uses the Necromancy program to raise Norwegian gods and the third kingdom. to liberate, they launch the facility that consumes all mankind. Later, with Asia, the gods of South America and Africa, additionally referred to as human sacrifices, the remnants of Abraham and the earthly peoples, who refuse to necromance, tackle the determined last recreation to save lots of humanity. In 1945, the British "Ministry of Space" is creating area know-how that seeks to colonize the British Empire of Moon and Mars.


In a world the place costumes are illegal, a gaggle of former "superheroes" are exploring a conspiracy to kill everyone.


When a modern Japanese warship finds itself in 1942, simply before the Halfway battle, the crew must determine whether it’s going to change historical past by destroying the American fleet.

Examples of Pelilog

<img data-attachment-id = "5457" data-permalink = " Wolfenstein – New Order-2 / "data-orig-file =" "data-orig -size =" 640,480 "data-comments -opens = "0" data-image-meta = "" hole ":" 0 "," credit score ":" "," digital camera ":" "," caption ":" "" created_timestamp ":" 0 ", "copyright": "", "FOCAL_LENGTH": "0", "huge": "0", "shutter_speed": "0", "title": "", "orientation": "1" "data-image -title = "Wolfenstein in New Order: Game Assessment" data-image-description = "

Wolfenstein's New Order: Game Evaluation

"data-medium-file ="×240.jpg "data-large-file =" http: / /×480.jpg "class =" aligncenter-size-media wp-image-5457 "src =" https: // graemeshimmin .com / wp-content / uploads / 2015/02 / Wolfenstein-the-New-Order-2-320×240.jpg "alt =" Wolfenstein's New Order: Game Evaluation "width =" 320 "height =" 240 "/>

These logline examples present how the Killogator formulation applies to non-traditional media. Invisible Inc.

Within the Kyberpunk future, mega corporations will destroy a personal spy workplace whose leader escapes the company's synthetic intelligence and has seventy-two hours to seek out the new host community and turn to

Wolfenstei n: new order

When the conflict hero raises the 14-year-old coma to seek out the Nazis who gained the Second World Conflict, he joins what stays of resistance within the hope of saving the world

Now we’ve: tens logline examples that will help you get an concept. Now read the recommendations on using the Killogator logline method and try to apply the components to a few of your favourite characters. individuals wrestle with them. So don't worry – in case you proceed, you will see that that you’re promoting your story.

Good luck!


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