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Is Joyce Meyer's Word of Faith?

Shawn Nelson

November 2014

Looking for out if Joyce Meyer is the phrase of faith? Listed here are four evidence displaying that he’s clearly: (1) his schooling, (2) his educating, (three) his forum, and (4) his approach of life. This is additionally a free eBook. To make use of the eBook model, click here to download it

Joyce Meyer is one of probably the most influential spiritual academics of the day. His radio exercise reaches an estimated three billion individuals worldwide. He has grow to be the New York Occasions' most popular author with 70 titles and has acquired "rock star" status in over ten international conferences annually. [1] Many are impressed by his story: virtually all of his childhood robbed of horrific sexual abuse, he gained and retained a constructive angle, has achieved inexperienced success. His transparent, simple and practical educating type attracts many.

His educating, nevertheless, just isn’t controversial. Websites, articles, books and video paperwork might be found that attempt to join Joyce Meyer's verbal faith to academics. Some supplies are more balanced than others. This guide is an obvious try and reply the query "Is the Word of Faith in Joyce Meyer?" Whereas it is as truthful as attainable for Joyce Meyer.

If we ask Joyce, "Are you a teacher of the Word of Faith?" would he answer? Obviously many have requested him about this question – it’s listed on his ceaselessly requested questions page. His Response:

”The Joyce Meyer Ministries consider within the Word of God. Joyce teaches that God has given us guarantees of His Word and believers, we should always trust in His guarantees (see 2 Peter 1: three,four). Nevertheless, it may be harmful when individuals place their faith alone in religion, somewhat than believing in God. The misuse of God's guarantees for purely personal achieve just isn’t a scriptural help. [2]

And is he a preacher of the "gospel of prosperity"? Right here can also be the indication:

”Joyce Meyer's ministries consider that God needs to bless his individuals. Joyce teaches that God's blessings and well-being relate to the religious, emotional, bodily, and financial areas of life. These blessings and prosperity are then used to bless others (see Genesis 12: 2). The "gospel of well-being", which solely corresponds to the blessing of financial victory, isn’t in stability and may harm the human movement with God. "[3]

I am convinced that many of the individuals who took the time to ask these questions, want the concrete and that they find each statements in the identical approach as I do: unsatisfactory! Is that right? Or not? What he says? Worse, in his regularly asked questions, he says he’s non-religious. [4] The place did her big service come from? Which group exactly is it according to?

Critical challenges await somebody who needs to know Joyce's place within the movement of the word of faith. He isn’t a theologian, and his educating shouldn’t be systematic. That is why we’ve little time in theology. The phrase "The Word of Faith" is completely absent from his written educating. He does not point out any names of spiritual academics. He seems to be conscious that his doctrine is underneath large remark and seems to be considering of his opinion in a method that avoids his fan base sharing. It’s clear that more research is required. That's why four courses are being studied to see if Joyce Meyer really is a Word of Faith or not. These areas are (1) his training, (2) his educating, (three) his forum, and (four) his way of life. The first is his training

1. Joyce Meyer Training

Coaching a person can reveal lots about what they consider and respect. Joyce's web site tells us that she has earned a PhD in theology from the Christian College of Life [LCU] in Tampa, Florida. ”[5] Anyone who visits a website will soon find the varsity's wonderful record of graduates; Joyce's identify is listed right here alongside the words of the novel spiritual words Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne and others [6] The location additionally exhibits that Copeland and Prices have exactly the identical status as Joyce (Doctor of Theology) [7]. If he examines the same materials, this may certainly present that he shares many of the identical beliefs that these Religion radicals have;

It’s attainable that Copeland, Hinn, et. al., turned a believer in the area of ​​the word of faith after he acquired his degree. So the question is, how is the word of religion a faculty? What type of theology do students study? I contacted the varsity to seek out out. I was advised: “Most of the books we use as textbooks are Brother Hagin, Brother Copeland, and other religious ministers. We are Certainly the Word of Faith (Emphasizes Their Own) [8] It would have been sufficient proof – Kenneth Hagin is considered the Father of the Word of Religion. However, the school added: “Those interested in participating are encouraged to adopt free principles of Faith's curriculum and drawings. It gives you an idea of ​​what kind of university we are. ”[9]

Given the sample class, it’s clear what type of faculty they’re. It’s straightforward to recognize the assumption of the word of faith (belief), and then to speak faithfully crammed phrases (faith) to be able to get one thing to move (possess):

“C. Third Stage: The Prayer of Faith… The Prayer of Faith Releases Your Power to Receive God's Covenant Promise Through Faith. You take a spiritual promise before you take real possession in a natural, visible world. D. Step Four: Recognition. Recognition speaks the Word after you believe it and before the answer comes or promise has been made. It is also called “the confession of faith…” Recognition is the place the battle is overcome or lost. Many Christians revoke their beliefs with unfavorable considering and confession. E. Step 5: Protecting… Managing is when promise has occurred – you possibly can see and contact it. [10]

I used to be additionally informed that I might download Dr. Douglass Wingate's free copy of Divine Religion & Miracles. faculty founder and appearing president. Wingate says that "divine healing and health is a great passion for me." . Wanting at the school web page, eight out of eight senior school members have degrees from Kenneth Hagin's personal Rhema Bible Training School [13] or one other referred to as The Religion Bible Institute. [14]

At this level, it was quite shocking to find a listing of crucial classes containing "TH-102 Bible Financing", which "reveals God's plan to offer His people and to give abundant" and "TH-104 Divine Healing" which "reveals that each believer has been given physical healing by the redeeming work of Christ. ”

The material is clearly the Word of Religion. The School is clearly the Word of Faith. It is protected to say that the varsity where Joyce earned his theology is the phrase of faith. He’s clearly educated within the custom of the word of religion.

2. Educating Joyce Meyer

Can We See Evidence of the Word of Joyce Faith in Educating? Before you answer this, it’s helpful to determine the teachings we are in search of. Joyce would definitely have studied Kenneth Hagin's teachings at college; subsequently Hagin's educating is primarily what is being studied. Now Hagin's mentor was E. W. Kenyon. Kenya is extensively considered the grandfather of the spiritual word and is liable for some of its doctrine and terminology. Kenyon taught that we will use constructive recognition for well being and prosperity; God Himself used faith to create the world; and Jesus died spiritually by taking Satan's character. [15] Kenneth Hagin is taken into account the father of the movement of the phrase of faith. Hagin "borrowed" (or plagiarized) a big part of Kenyon's educating and added his "new revelation": individuals are small gods; God has a bodily physique; and the spirit ought to management the mind (cause). Time does not permit any comparison. Six key lessons are being studied. The normal place is given first to find out the baseline followed by Hagin's position, then Meyer (the writer keeps each traditional position biblical). Similarities and differences are emphasized. To extend comparability, periodically, quotes from a more radical spiritual spiritual phrase are added

. Determine 1 exhibits a helpful summary desk. (A) Spoken Phrases Change Actuality

The Word of Religion: Assures
Joyce Meyer: Confirms

(B) God Himself Makes use of the Faith

The Word of Religion: Assures
Joyce Meyer: Affirm

(C ) Individuals are small gods

Word of religion: (actual duplicates)
Joyce Meyer: Unclear (Individuals are "divine")

(D) Jesus was born Again in Hell

I consider phrase: Affirm
Joyce Meyer: as soon as confirmed; Now reject

(E) Bodily healing assured

Word of Religion: Affirm
Joyce Meyer: Affirm (Highlights Might Take Time)

(F) Monetary Belongings Assured

Word Religion: Confirming
Joyce Meyer: Confirming (contradictory imaginative and prescient; more essential than religious progress)

Traditional Place

As an alternative of making an attempt to speak of reality to existence, believers have to be seen as offering to God (Matthew 6:11; 25-33), understanding God all the time transcends us (Matthew 6:10; Luke 22:42; Jam. 5: 13-16). We don’t all the time get what we would like (Romans 12: 1; Acts 16: 6). Typically His will consists of hardship and suffering (Heb. 12: 5-11; Rom. 5: 3). The Bible doesn’t converse of "the power of faith" which could be activated by spoken phrases

The Word of Faith strain

Kenneth Hagin believed that a person might converse phrases to vary actuality. Hagin referred to the "Law of Faith" as a sort of natural pressure that could possibly be activated by way of confession. Spoken confessions change reality and convey things to life; individuals predict their future with a message. Speaking of spiritual words or constructive recognition is the key to life's success. He even inspired his followers to "believe in your faith". [16]

In his opinion, faith is totally different from religion. Religion is inner, while religion is external. Individuals have to activate this regulation first by believing one thing internally within the coronary heart (religion) and talking it out loud (faith).

First, the person believes in his heart. Secondly, he believes in his words. It's not sufficient to only consider in your coronary heart. To ensure that God to be just right for you, you additionally have to consider … God-like religion is one by which one believes in his heart and says in his mouth that he believes in his coronary heart – and it’ll occur. ”[17]

This educating is central to the movement of the phrase of religion and within the possession of all. LCU Researcher Kenneth Copeland says: “Faith is an influence. It’s a concrete drive. It is the leading pressure. [18] This energy "comes from God" [19] and "makes the laws of the spirit world." Failure… Speaking about how the satan retains you profitable, keeps you in bondage or keeps you sick in recognition of the loss. And such confession solely glorifies the devils… Many individuals lose the blessing that God is for them solely by making a false confession . [21]

And again

] "If recognizes the disease it develops illnesses in your system. In the event you converse of doubt and worry they develop and strengthen. Should you acknowledge the lack of funding it’s going to stop making a living. Though it might sound like a paradox, it isn’t. It’s the fact. I've proved it true time and again. [22]

Joyce's Pressure

This doctrine is central to the teachings of Joyce Meyer. The expression "words are the reservoirs of power" seems about two dozen occasions in Joyce's books. He typically speaks of the need to assume constructive and guard the language.

“The facility of life and dying is within the language… Words are the reservoirs of energy they usually can carry both artistic or damaging power, as we choose. Select your phrases rigorously and speak to them rigorously. "[23]

" I said we could enter that spiritual kingdom, and we can start pulling things that are God's will for us, and we get them here in the kingdom where we can use them. The words have power . "[24] [24]