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Is Joyce Meyer's Word of Faith?


Shawn Nelson

November 2014

Trying to find out if Joyce Meyer is the word of religion? Listed here are four proof to point out that he’s clearly: (1) his educating, (2) his educating, (3) his forum, and (4) his approach of life. This is also a free eBook. In the event you favor the eBook model, click on here to obtain it

Joyce Meyer is one of probably the most influential spiritual academics of the day. His radio exercise reaches an estimated three billion individuals all over the world. He has turn into the New York Occasions' hottest writer with 70 titles and has acquired rock rock status at over ten international conferences annually. [1] Many have been inspired by his story: virtually all of his childhood robbed of horrific sexual abuse, he gained and retained a constructive angle, has achieved inexperienced success. His transparent, simple and practical educating fashion attracts many.

His educating, nevertheless, is just not controversial. Websites, articles, books, and video paperwork are found that attempt to join Joyce Meyer's verbal religion to academics. Some supplies are more balanced than others. This e-book is an apparent try and answer the query "Is the Word of Faith in Joyce Meyer?" While it's nearly as good as potential for Joyce Meyer.

If we ask Joyce, "Are you a teacher of the Word of Faith?" would he reply? Obviously many have asked him about this query – it is listed on his ceaselessly requested questions page. His Response:

”The Joyce Meyer Ministries consider within the Word of God. Joyce teaches that God has given us promises of His Word and believers, we should always trust His promises (see 2 Peter 1: 3,4). Nevertheless, it may be damaging when individuals put their faith alone in faith, somewhat than believing in God. The misuse of God's promises for purely personal achieve shouldn’t be a scripture help. [2]

And is he a preacher of the "gospel of prosperity"? Here can also be the indication:

”Joyce Meyer's ministries consider that God needs to bless his individuals. Joyce teaches that God's blessings and well-being relate to the religious, emotional, physical, and financial areas of life. These blessings and wealth are then used to bless others (see Genesis 12: 2). The "gospel of well-being", which solely corresponds to the blessing of financial victory, shouldn’t be in stability and may harm the human circulate with God. "[3]

I’m satisfied that many of the people who took the time to ask these questions, want the concrete and that they find each statements in the same approach as I do: unsatisfactory! Is that right? Or not? What he says? Worse, in his often asked questions, he says he is non-religious. [4] Where did her big service come from? Which group precisely is it consistent with?

Critical challenges await somebody who needs to know Joyce's place within the movement of the phrase of faith. He isn’t a theologian, and his educating just isn’t systematic. That is why we now have little time for theology. The phrase "The Word of Faith" is totally absent from his written educating. He does not mention any names of spiritual academics. He appears to be conscious that his doctrine is underneath large remark and appears to be considering of his opinion in a method that avoids his fan base sharing. It is clear that more analysis is required. That's why four courses are being explored to see if Joyce Meyer really is a Word of Faith or not. These areas are (1) his schooling, (2) his educating, (3) his forum, and (4) his way of life. The first is his coaching


1. Joyce Meyer Training

Private training can reveal so much about what they consider and recognize. Joyce's web site tells us that he has earned theology of doctoral schooling from a dwelling Christian college [LCU] in Tampa, Florida. Joyce's identify is listed here alongside the words of the novel spiritual phrases Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne and others. [6] The location also exhibits that Copeland and Prices have exactly the same degree as Joycella (Doctor of Theology) [7]. If he examines the same materials, this may certainly present that he shares many of the same beliefs that these spiritual traditions have;

It’s attainable that Copeland, Hinn, et. al., ventured into the world of ​​religion after his degree. So the query is, how is the phrase of faith a faculty? What sort of theology do students study? I contacted the varsity to seek out out. I was informed: “Most of the books we use as textbooks are Brother Hagin, Brother Copeland, and other religious ministers. We are Certainly the Word of Faith (Emphasizes Their Own) [8] It would have been sufficient proof – Kenneth Hagin is considered the Father of the Word of Religion. However, the school added: “Those who are interested in participating are encouraged to adopt the free principles of the Faith course curriculum and drawing. It gives you an idea of ​​the type of university we have. ”[9]

Given the sample class, it’s clear what sort of faculty they’re. It is straightforward to acknowledge the assumption of the word of faith (belief), after which to speak faithfully crammed phrases (faith) with a purpose to get something to convey (possess):

“C. Step Three: The Prayer of Faith… The Prayer of Faith Releases Your Power to Receive by the Promise of the Covenant of God. You take a spiritual promise before you take real possession in a natural, visible world. D. Step Four: Recognition. Recognition speaks the Word after you believe it and before the answer comes or promise has been made. It is also called “the confession of faith…” Recognition is where the battle is overcome or misplaced. Many Christians cancel the prayer of religion with unfavorable considering and confession. E. Step 5: Acquiring… Ownership is when promise has occurred – you possibly can see and contact it. [10]

I was additionally informed that I might download Dr. Douglass Wingate's free copy of Divine Religion & Miracles, the founder and appearing president of the varsity. Wingate says that "divine healing and health is a great passion for me." . Wanting on the school web page, eight out of eight senior school members have levels from Kenneth Hagin's own Rhema Bible Training School [13] or one other referred to as Religion Bible Institute. [14]

At this level it was slightly shocking to discover a listing of an important classes that embrace "TH-102 Bible Financing", which "reveals God's plan to offer and give abundant to His people" and "TH-104 Divine Healing" which "reveals that every believer has been given bodily healing by the redeeming work of Christ. ”

The fabric is clearly the Word of Religion. The School is clearly the Word of Faith. It’s protected to say that the varsity where Joyce earned his theology is the word of faith. He is clearly educated in the tradition of the phrase of faith.

2. Educating Joyce Meyer

Can We See Proof of the Word of Joyce Religion in Educating? Before you reply this, it’s useful to determine the lessons we are in search of. Joyce would definitely have studied Kenneth Hagin's teachings at college; subsequently Hagin's educating is primarily what’s being studied. Now Hagin's mentor was E. W. Kenyon. Kenya is extensively considered the grandfather of the spiritual word and is answerable for some of its doctrine and terminology. Kenyon taught that we will use constructive recognition for well being and wealth; God Himself used faith to create the world; and Jesus died mentally to take Satan's character. [15] Kenneth Hagin is taken into account the Father of the Word of Religion. Hagin "borrowed" (or plagiarized) a lot of Kenyon's educating and added his personal "new revelation": individuals are small gods; God has a physical body; and the spirit ought to rule the mind (cause). Time doesn’t permit any comparison. Six key lessons are being studied. The normal place is given first to determine the baseline adopted by Hagin's place, then Meyer (the writer sees each conventional place as a Bible). Similarities and differences are emphasised. To increase comparability, occasionally, quotes from extra radical spiritual spiritual phrases are added

. Figure 1 exhibits a useful summary diagram.

(A) Spoken Phrases Change Reality

The Word of Religion: Assures
Joyce Meyer: Assures

(B) God Himself Makes use of Religion

The Word of Religion: Assures
Joyce Meyer: Affirm

] (C) Individuals are small gods

Word of Religion: Affirm (actual duplicates)
Joyce Meyer: Unclear (Individuals are "divine")

(D) Jesus was born Again in Hell [19659025] The Word of Faith: Confirming
Joyce Meyer: Once Confirmed; Now reject

(E) Bodily healing guaranteed

Word of Faith: Affirm
Joyce Meyer: Affirm (Highlights Might Take Time)

(F) Monetary Belongings Guaranteed

Joyce Meyer: Confirming (contradictory imaginative and prescient; extra essential than religious progress)

Conventional Place

As an alternative of making an attempt to speak of reality to existence, believers need to be seen because the creation of God (Matthew 6:11; 25) -33), understanding God all the time transcends us (Matthew 6:10; Luke 22:42; Jam. 5: 13-16). We do not all the time get what we would like (Rom. 12: 1; Acts 16: 6). Typically His will is related to hassle and struggling (Heb. 12: 5-11; Rom. 5: three). The Bible doesn’t converse of "the power of faith" that may be activated by spoken phrases

The Word of Religion strain

Kenneth Hagin believed that an individual might converse words to vary actuality. Hagin referred to the "Law of Faith" as a pure drive that could possibly be activated by way of confession. Spoken confessions change actuality and convey things to life; individuals predict their future with a message. Speaking of spiritual words or constructive recognition is the key to life's success. He even encouraged his followers to "believe in your faith". [16]

In his opinion, faith is totally different from religion. Faith is inner, whereas religion is exterior. Individuals have to activate this regulation first by believing something internally within the coronary heart (faith) and speaking it out loud (faith).

First, the man believes in his coronary heart. Secondly, he believes in his phrases. It's not enough just to consider in your heart. In order for God to be just right for you, you need to additionally consider in saying … God-like faith is one through which one believes in his coronary heart and says in his mouth that he believes in his heart – and it will happen. ”[17]

This educating is central to the motion of the word of faith and within the possession of all. LCU researcher Kenneth Copeland says: “Faith is an influence. It’s a concrete drive. It is the leading drive. [18] This energy "comes from God" [19] and "makes the laws of the spirit world." Failure… Speaking about how the devil retains you successful, keeps you in bondage or retains you sick in recognition of the loss. And such a confession solely glorifies the devil… Many individuals lose the blessing that God is for them solely by making a false confession . [21]

And once more

] "If recognizes the disease it develops illnesses in your system. When you converse of doubt and worry they grow and strengthen. In the event you acknowledge the lack of funding it’ll cease being profitable. Though it might sound like a paradox, it isn’t. It is the fact. I've proved it true time and again. ”[22]

Joyce's position

This doctrine is central to the teachings of Joyce Meyer. The phrase "words are the reservoirs of power" appears about two dozen occasions in Joyce's books. He typically speaks of the necessity to assume constructive and guard the language.

“The facility of life and dying is within the language… Phrases are the reservoirs of energy they usually can carry both artistic or damaging energy, as we choose. Select your words rigorously and speak to them rigorously. "[23]

" I said we can enter into that spiritual kingdom, and we can start pulling things that are God's will for us, and we'll get them here in the kingdom where we can use them. The words have power . ”[24] [24] [24] Many fans may think they are receiving a" constructive message ". [25] Little do they know that Joyce's "constructive message" is based on the word "Religion Ideas" he discovered from Hagin at Life Christian University

Like Hagin, Joyce teaches that God himself used faithfully crammed phrases in creating the universe: " He created the world with faithful with the words (see Genesis 1). "[26] And other people have the identical capability:" We have created His image, and we can also call things that are not as if they were. We can talk about positive thoughts about ourselves into the atmosphere and thus "predict our future." Joyce agrees with Hagin that " faith have to be activated if it is working, and a method we activate it is by way of our words . [28] Constructive recognition is what he calls this spiritual speak

Joyce freely distributes his personal confessions through the years, which he believes has helped him achieve success in all walks of life. They embrace: "I’m successful in the whole lot I put in my hand. I’ve well-being in all walks of life – mentally, economically, mentally and socially. “And” I can speak about commitments personally, by telephone and / or by mail day by day. “He covers all areas of his life with constructive recognition: personal, skilled, financial, religious, bodily, and religious (see Appendix 1). He also has a whole ebook devoted to this identify, the secret energy of speaking the word of God. [29]

He also likes Hagin's perception that recognition works in both methods; that’s, there’s additionally a adverse acknowledgment. “If I speak the right things, I have the right results. [30] ”[30]” [30]

Traditional Position

The Hebrews 11: 1 say: “Now faith is the knowledge of issues which are hoped for because faith has not seen. “Religion is synonymous with religion and is all the time used in this sense (Rom. 5: 1; 1 Pet. 1: 8-9; Eph. 2: 9; Jam 1: 2). The Bible says that religion shouldn’t be a natural drive.

The Word of Faith Place

Kenneth Hagin taught that God himself uses faith. " God is the God of faith. He just had to say," Let there be mild "(Genesis 1: three), and there was mild, God created every part except man by speaking about its existence. . ”[31]

“ This is the religion that spoke to the world of existence! … God believed that what He stated would occur. He spoke to the animal kingdom. He spoke of the heavens, the moon, the solar, the celebs, and the universe. He stated it, and it was so! It is a religion of God. God believed what he stated and it occurred. [32] [32]

One Religion teacher even went as far as to convey Jesus into the world by means of the constructive confessions of God, saved in all places. : "Including Words creative power, they contain creative or destructive power. If we would go to Genesis 1 you see that every thing God created in the Bible says, "And God stated." Not to say that God thought the idea, Say that God waved his hand, says, "and God stated. " [34]

Conventional Bible teaches there is only one God (Deut. 4:35 6: 4; Isa. 44: 6; 45: 5; 1 Corinthians 8: 6; Eph. 4: 6; 1 Tim. 2: 5; Jn. 2:19). up to now or in the future (Isaiah 43:10).

The Word of Faith Position

Kenneth Hagin taught that individuals are alike to God. with God and he was capable of stand in the presence of God with out the consciousness of the decrease … God has made us as much as attainable . . ”[35] Mankind had the opportunity to regulate small gods a, however within the fall this was blocked. Subsequently, "Man lost his place with great deceit against God." [36] In consequence, man took Satan's character. Nevertheless, via Jesus, mankind is restored and has the potential to turn out to be small gods

LCU researcher Kenneth Copeland adds:

“God's cause for creating Adam was His want to repeat himself, I imply myself. And in Eden's garden he did simply that. He was little like God. He was virtually like God. He was not subjected to God even … Adam is as much as God as you possibly can, identical to Jesus… Adam, within the Backyard of Eden, was God who appeared in the flesh . [37]

Equally, the LCU's researcher Benny Hinn additionally commits blasphemy:

"When you say," I’m a Christian, you say: "I am mashiach" the Hebrew. I’m a small Messiah, who walks the earth, in other phrases, it is a surprising announcement … Can I say it this manner? You’re a little god on earth who runs around . [38]

Joyce's place

Joyce appears to be happy to put individuals in the "divine" class. Nevertheless, he seems to be making an attempt to convey himself to Hagin, Copeland, and the ridiculous statements of Hinn:

”I listened to at least one man's band and he explained it, and I feel this type of level will get some extent. He stated, “Have you learnt why individuals have such a match that God calls his creation, her husband, not all that she has created, but her husband, the little gods. If he’s God, what he calls them, however the sort of God . I imply, if a person is a child you call humanity. If the herd has another cattle, they name it cattle. So what should God name us? Does the Bible say that we’ve created his picture? Now you understand, I'm not saying you're God within the capital G. It's not here, so don't try to rock me or scream blasphemy for me. [39]

Conventional Position

Cost for the sins of all mankind was paid when Jesus cried, "It is ready." (John 19:30; Col. 2:14) The day Jesus died went to paradise (Luke 23:43) and returned to glory (John 17: 5). Jesus did not touch upon the character of Satan (Hebrews 13: 8).

The Word of Faith Place

Kenneth Hagin taught the redemption of Jesus was not completed on the cross, but he additionally needed to endure eternity in hell for us. "His spirit, an inner man, went to hell in our place." [40] In hell, he took Satan's character [41] but ultimately gained and was "the first person ever born again." [42]

Joyce Place

At first, Joyce taught this doctrine. Nevertheless, Tim Martin, who has studied Joyce Meyer because the starting of 2008, has acquired confirmation from Joyce Meyer Ministries that he has formally withdrawn his status. Educating is seen in his 1996 guide "The Most Important Decision You've Ever Made", so to speak, that an individual must affirm it to be saved. After that, the educating began to disappear from his newer books. Still in 2003, schooling was nonetheless found in four chapters of an important choice. However by 2005, the religious demise of Jesus' doctrine is completely absent. [43]

In 2008, Martin contacted the Joyce Meyer Ministries to make clear his place and, actually, they confirmed that Joyce would now abandon this doctrine with this reply: “We do not consider that Jesus needed to torture Hell to pay for our sins. When He stated, "It's done!" At the cross, the salvation worth was paid. "[44]

Traditional strain

In the autumn, the whole world acquired lost and weakened (Genesis 17-19; Rom. 8: 20-22). Devil, the demons, and the dangerous women and men proceed to do evil on the planet (1.P. 5: 8; Rom. 1: 18-31), which may cause much more struggling, sickness, and disease, however God quarantines the longer term of evil (Rev. 20: 11-15) and there is a new heaven and new a land where there isn’t a extra evil, sickness, and struggling (Rev. 21: 1-5) 19659041] The Word of Religion Position

Kenneth Hagin taught that believers at the moment are assured physical healing. Isaiah 53: 5, "through his tracks we have healed," is one of the primary points he used to help his religion.

“If Jesus did not accept that acknowledged that we had our sickness and revealed our sickness we declare that we nonetheless have them, keep sick. But when [80] begins to acknowledge that He has already achieved something about our sicknesses, we get therapeutic . Too typically, we accept the testimony of our bodily senses as an alternative of the testimony of the Word of God. We should follow the Word of God to work for us. [45]

Hagin added warning that therapeutic can take time:

“Some things, like some economic needs and some healing etc., can take time . Then, the four steps [confession; acting as though it’s been received; receiving it; and telling others] become principles that must be implemented in practice for some time. ”[46]

LCU researcher Kenneth Copeland talks concerning the want for persistence in this method:

” Pain has come, a disaster has come. Now, for a while now, you need to stop and management and punish yourself. And every time it’s a must to decide: I refuse to deal with my physique, I refuse to switch what I see and what I really feel. [47]

It ought to be famous that Fred Worth carries the doctrine of guaranteed physical healing to its logical conclusion. If the believer is guaranteed faith, the Christian will ultimately be guilty if they are sick. He stated:

”Some individuals shock and say,“ I don't think [that all believers should be healed] ”. The Bible says, “According to your faith, be it unto you.” If you don’t consider in it, go forward and die. I consider and heal… You’ll be able to die of most cancers; you possibly can die of a stroke. That's ok… When you don't assume you will keep sick . "[48]

The worth goes as far as to say," How can you honor God in your body when it does not work properly? " How are you going to glorify God? How can He be honored when your body does not even work? ”[49] [50]

Joyce's place

Joyce holds this place, however is cautious, like Hagin, to emphasise that God doesn’t all the time heal instantly. His belief on this educating is seen in his assertion that the illness is prohibited and the reference to Isaiah 53: 5:

”It is very important perceive that is illegal for Devil to illness us, and there is no purpose to let him do it … In the mean time once we begin to recognize the signs of the illness, we must stand towards them – we must oppose them in the same approach as we’re towards the temptation to sin … I don’t assume that via Jesus' stripes I’m healed. "[51]

He makes use of the argument that because Jesus healed all that God all the time needs to be healed:

" Some individuals consider that God needs them to be sick … If God needs individuals to be sick, Why did Jesus heal individuals? It is crucial that we know the desire of God; otherwise we can’t release our religion to receive it. [52]

He distinguishes his position between subject and conventional "man-made" educating (God does not all the time heal but makes use of struggling):

” who had no energy. I discovered the fantastic truths that promised me eternal life, victory, peace, joy, righteousness, justice, freedom from guilt and condemnation, hope, wealth, therapeutic ] power and authority. And I noticed that this stuff have been in my life right here on earth, and never solely once I die and go to heaven, as many individuals consider. "[53]

Lastly, as Hagin, he teaches that folks can use constructive

" I've all the time encouraged individuals to acknowledge the Word of God out loud … When individuals call our office to prayer, when they’re sick, we’ll send them an inventory of steadily therapeutic scriptures . aloud. We tell them that they do it as onerous as they take the drugs. [54]

Conventional Place

God really blesses people who have wealth, and lots of of them are recorded in the Bible (eg Abraham, David, Salomon, Lydia). Nevertheless, the Bible warns of the hazard of earning profits a high priority (1 Timothy 6:10). It is forbidden to belief the riches (2 Tim. 6:17) and people who have the means have the chance to share those that want them (1 Timothy 6:18). Christians are commanded not to love worldly issues (1 Jn. 2: 15-17) and world lovers are characterized by an incredible slave, Babylon, or a world system that may ultimately be destroyed (Rev. 18: three). 19659041] The Word of Religion Place

Kenneth Hagin taught that financial wealth is assured. In accordance with Hagin, God's guarantees to bless His individuals in the Previous Testament apply to us immediately. "The blessing of Abraham – the blessing to keep the commandments of God, His Word – is for our Jesus Christ!" … The blessing of Abraham consists of financial prosperity, and it is for us immediately. ”[55] God” needs his youngsters to eat the perfect, He needs them to put on the most effective clothes. and he needs them to have the most effective of every part. ”[56]

Hagin, nevertheless, preached that a stability was wanted. He stated that folks ought to never let anything get in return [57] and it is very important "keep the attitude and motives right." [58]

”Some individuals are more enthusiastic about making dollars than they serve God. However religious issues must first come if you’ll be religious. You need to recognize God's things – religious things – more than earthly issues. One of the eligibility qualities respects worldly issues calmly. You can’t put worldly things above religious issues and anticipate to succeed when God needs you. No, it's not improper to get money. It’s flawed to get cash. It is mistaken that the money can be your ruler or master, or that you can spend your cash on your own lust. "[59]

But when an individual's motivation and religious priorities are of their right place, Hagin stated that God is giving progress. In what method?

”The Lord spoke to me and stated,“ Don't pray for money anymore. You have got the authority to demand welfare via my identify … you just need to say, "Satan, take your hands off my money." Simply claiming what you want . [60]

Hagin had a average imaginative and prescient of wealth compared to different modern academics of spiritual phrases. In distinction, Robert Tilton says "poverty is a sin when God promises prosperity!" [61] And Fred Worth Proudly:

“The whole point is that I'm trying to get you to see that Jesus and the disciples were poor and joined you to think that you, the child of God, must follow Jesus. Raamattu sanoo, että Hän on jättänyt meidät esimerkkinä siitä, että meidän pitäisi seurata Hänen vaiheitaan. Tästä syystä ajaa Rolls Roycea. ”[62]

Hagin oli huolissaan tällaisista äärimmäisistä paikoista. Ennen kuolemaansa vuonna 2003 hän kertoi "kutsui monet hänen kollegansa Tulsaan, jotta he saisivat heidät vääristämään viestinsä." Hän ei ollut tyytyväinen siihen, että jotkut hänen seuraajistaan ​​manipuloivat Raamattua tukemaan sitä, mitä hän katsoi ahneudeksi ja itsekkääksi hemmotteluksi. ”[63]

Joycen kanta

Joyce Meyer näyttää luopuvan hieman tästä opetuksesta. Suurin osa hänen opetuksesta näyttää osoittavan, että hän uskoo, että kaikki menestyvät taloudellisesti. Ajatus siitä, että kristitty on köyhä, on "helvettien kuopan elämä". [64] Tämä johtuu siitä, että kuten Hagin opetti ja Life Christian University opettavat, Jumalan lupaukset vauraudesta israelilaisille koskevat nykyään uskovia:

” Verse 3 [refereeing to Joshua 1:3] says every place on which the only of your foot shall tread that I have given unto you as I promised Moses. So principally what he stated to Joshua was… Each promise in the Word of God is accessible to you, each promise. Wisdom, power, pleasure, peace, righteousness, creativity, prosperity, good well being, lengthy life, favor, good pals, nice relationships, listening to from God, being led by the Spirit. Just an general blessed, fantastic life.”[65]

That stated, there may be some indication she may hold that it isn’t all the time God’s will to bless financially—or at the very least that it can be essentially restricted by God.

“I do believe you will prosper in all you lay your hand to. I am not suggesting that everyone will be a multimillionairebut I do believe everyone can have his needs met and have an abundant supply left over so he can help those in need.”[66]

She also at occasions seems to carry to Hagin’s average view: “The Bible teaches us to guard against greed and keep ourselves free from all covetousness (the immoderate desire for wealth and the greedy longing to have more.)” And, “Some wealthy people are still miserable because money does not make people happy.”

Regardless of her place on whether it is all the time God’s will or how a lot might be obtained, one thing Joyce is obvious about is that money shouldn’t be the believer’s focus; a minimum of it shouldn’t come earlier than God. In contrast to some of her friends, she emphasizes a relationship with God over money. She discourages in search of money in place of God.

“Our pursuit of money can ruin our relationship with God, but it doesn’t have to… as long as we keep things in balance and don’t let ourselves crave money more than we crave God.”[67]

In terms of how an individual obtains this monetary prosperity, her educating strains up with Hagin; if one’s priorities are in order, it will possibly come by means of faith-filled words:

 “Maybe you need to get your checkbook out and say, ‘Oh you checkbook, hear the word of the Lord, you are NOT going to stay empty all of your life… You listen to me checkbook… you are going to be full to overflowing. And I am gonna be blessed.”[68]

Just like Hagin, Joyce teaches that a person have to be careful that they do not undo constructive confession by making destructive confession. This is very critical, as God Himself can’t do something for an individual if they make unfavorable confession:

“You know you get into these little prayer groups at church. And you have somebody pray that you’ll prosper, and pray that you’ll succeed and then you don’t help the process at all with the words of your mouth. God himself cannot do anything for you if you’re gonna ask him for it and then turn right around and talk him out of it.”[69]

Lastly, those who say unfavorable things relating to monetary confession are literally helping Devil hold them poor: “As long as you cannot see yourself having abundance and prosperity, you will say things that hinder God from blessing you and help Satan keep you poor.”[70]  It is God’s plan for individuals to be wealthy; Satan’s to maintain individuals poor.

The evidence strongly exhibits that Joyce Meyer affirms a lot of the Word of Faith doctrine she discovered from Hagin at Life Christian University. Briefly, she clearly holds four of the six teachings: (A) spoken phrases change reality; (B) God Himself makes use of religion; (E) physical therapeutic is assured; and (F) financial wealth is guaranteed. As to level (C) it is merely unclear to what prolong she believes humans are little gods. Subsequently, based mostly on her educating, she is Word of Religion.

three. Joyce Meyer’s Platform

As already mentioned, Joyce Meyer has an unlimited fan base of tens of millions, maybe billions of individuals. With that kind of notoriety, a Christian chief have to be careful with whom they share the stage; an appearance with unbiblical minister or ministry would naturally be seen as an endorsement. While not typically, Joyce has shared the stage with Word of Religion academics. Most notable was her participation on the 2008 Word of Religion Convention where. With a reputation like that, it should be clear what the speakers affirm. Joyce spoke alongside Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland, John Hagee and other outstanding Religion preachers. Her session was between two periods by Kate McVeigh on “Faith and Healing.”[71]

Then there’s the affiliation together with her long-time pal, Don Clowens, who has toured with Joyce prior to now and actively sits on her board of administrators. Clower’s ministry covers subjects corresponding to “I Think Myself Happy,” “God’s Seven Laws of Increase,” and “God’s Prescription to Health and Healing.”[72]  He writes in his e-book, God’s Seven Laws of Improve, that “many Christians do not know that it is God’s will for them to have financial increase and to prosper spiritually, emotionally, and financially.”  Amongst different subjects, he guarantees in his ebook to point out that “God wants you to prosper” and “what the spirit of lack and poverty is—and how to be set free from it.”[73]

Maybe most alarming in phrases of who she shares her platform with is her endorsement of Life Christian University, her alma mater. The varsity clearly boasts an inventory of alumni that make up some of the strongest Word of Faith preachers in the nation. And it requires students to review books by extra radical Religion instructor Kenneth Copeland. And Joyce Meyer endorses this faculty? She allows her trademarked image to be used alongside Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and Benny Hinn (see Determine 2). She additionally has recorded an endorsement video where she highly recommends the by faculty saying,

“I’m honored to be an LCU graduate. It is an institute of excellence and I’m thrilled to see how God is expanding it so quickly around the world. There’s such a need today for intelligent, well-informed Christians who not only know what they’re talking about but can also relate to people. The world needs to hear the truth and the truth has to be real.”[74]

The question needs to be requested, if Joyce is just not Word of Faith, then why does she periodically share her platform with Word of Religion preachers? Why does she have at the very least one board member who promotes the prosperity gospel? And why does she endorse the varsity that produced Religion radicals Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn?

Joyce Meyer seems alongside robust Word of Faith academics Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn to endorse Life Christian College, her alma mater. Joyce holds an earned PhD from LCU—the same degree as Copeland and Hinn.[75]

four. Joyce Meyer’s Way of life

Finally, what does Joyce’s way of life reveal about her place on Word of Religion doctrine? The St. Louis Submit-Dispatch detailed her extravagant way of life in 2003.[76] First listed is her transportation:

“Meyer drives the ministry’s 2002 Lexus SC sports car with a retractable top, valued at $53,000. Her son Dan, 25, drives the ministry’s 2001 Lexus sedan, with a value of $46,000. Meyer’s husband drives his [$107,000] Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG sedan… The Meyers keep the ministry’s Canadair CL-600 Challenger jet, which Joyce Meyer says is worth $10 million, at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield. The ministry employs two full-time pilots to fly the Meyers to conferences around the world.”[77]

Next is Joyce’s three story ministry headquarters which “has the look and feel of a luxury resort hotel” and is furnished with:

“a $19,000 pair of Dresden vases, six French crystal vases bought for $18,500, an $8,000 Dresden porcelain depicting the Nativity, two $5,800 curio cabinets, a $5,700 porcelain of the Crucifixion, a pair of German porcelain vases bought for $5,200. The decor includes a $30,000 malachite round table, a $23,000 marble-topped antique commode, a $14,000 custom office bookcase, a $7,000 Stations of the Cross in Dresden porcelain, a $6,300 eagle sculpture on a pedestal, another eagle made of silver bought for $5,000, and numerous paintings purchased for $1,000 to $4,000 each. Inside Meyer’s private office suite sit a conference table and 18 chairs bought for $49,000. The woodwork in the offices of Meyer and her husband cost the ministry $44,000. In all, assessor’s records of the ministry’s personal property show that nearly $5.7 million worth of furniture, artwork, glassware, and the latest equipment and machinery fill the 158,000-square-foot building.”[78]

Finally, there are the houses for Joyce and her youngsters:

“Since 1999, the ministry has spent at least $4 million on five homes for Meyer and her four children near Interstate 270 and Gravois Road, St. Louis County records show. Meyer’s house, the largest of the five, is a 10,000-square-foot Cape Cod style estate home with a guest house and a garage that can be independently heated and cooled and can hold up to eight cars. The three-acre property has a large fountain, a gazebo, a private putting green, a pool and a poolhouse where the ministry recently added a $10,000 bathroom. The ministry pays for utilities, maintenance and landscaping costs at all five homes. It also pays for renovations… Even the property taxes, $15, 629 this year, are paid by the ministry.”[79]

Determine 3 exhibits the Meyer Family Compound.


“Joyce Meyer Ministries bought these 5 homes for Meyer and her family. The ministry pays for all expenses, including landscaping and lawn care, property taxes and rehab work. Meyer, her husband and each of their four married children live in the homes—free of charge.”

1. Residence of: Joyce and Dave Meyer
Buy Worth: About $795,000
Square Footage: 10,000
Value of Enhancements: $1.1 Million
Options: 6 Bedrooms, 5 Loos, Gold Placing Green, Swimming pool, 8 Automotive Heated and Cooled Storage, Guest House with 2 extra bedrooms, Gazebo.

2. Residence of: Daughter, Sandra McCollom and her husband Steve
Purchase Worth: $400,000
Sq. Footage: About 5,000
Value of Improvements: About $250,000
Features: four Bedrooms, 3 full and a couple of half Loos, All-Seasons room, Prayer Room, Media Middle and a Residence Workplace.

three. Residence of: Son, David Meyer and his wife Joy Meyer.
Buy Worth: $725,000
Square Footage: four,000
Value of Enhancements: Unknown
Features: 2 Story Colonial, 4 Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Loos, 2 Garages and a Utility Shed

four. Residence of: Daughter, Laura Holtzmann and her husband Doug
Purchase Worth: $350,000
Square Footage: 2,358
Value of Improvements: $three,000
Features: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Loos with a Hearth.

5. Residence of: Son, Dan Meyer and his wife Charity
Purchase Worth: About 200,000
Square Footage: About 2,000
Value of Improvements: $33,000
Options: Brick Ranch With Full Completed Basement[80]

The reporter quotes Joyce as saying, “We teach and preach and believe biblically that God wants to bless people who serve Himso there’s no need for us to apologize for being blessed.”  The reporter added, “Joyce Meyer says God has made her rich.”[81]  To substantiate this she pointed to a then current conference where Joyce had stated, “If you stay in your faith, you are going to get paid… I’m living now in my reward.”[82]

Is Joyce Meyer Word of Religion? First, there are some positives. She emphasizes the significance of not looking for prosperity in place of God. She additionally encourages individuals to develop a better stroll with God and even warns individuals concerning the dangers of lusting after money. She can also be to be recommended for changing her position on the religious demise of Jesus, which is not a simple thing for such a outstanding, properly revealed writer to do.

Nevertheless, she has an earned PhD from a Word of Faith seminary that primarily uses textbooks authored by the Father of the Word of Religion, Kenneth Hagin. This diploma is the exact same diploma from the same establishment as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and other robust Word of Faith academics. She clearly holds to central Word of Religion doctrines from Kenneth Hagin. The majority of her educating centers on the Word of Religion dogma that spoken faith-filled words have energy to vary actuality. She distances herself from the more radical Word of Faith academics however it’s clear that the majority of her “positive” message is predicated on the Word of Religion worldview. She has appeared at a Word of Faith convention, has at the least one “prosperity preacher” board member, and endorses a seminary where traditional and radical Word of Religion doctrine is taught. Joyce Meyer is Word of Religion. Subsequently, she cannot be really helpful.

These are statements that Joyce has “positively confessed” through the years.[83] By speaking statements like these out loud she believes that she is releasing energy by way of her faith-filled words to change reality and convey what is spoken to cross.

I prosper in every part I put my hand to. I’ve prosperity in all areas of my life—spiritually, financially, mentally, and socially.

All my youngsters have tons of Christian associates, and God has put aside a Christian spouse or husband for each of them.

I take good care of my physique. I eat proper, I look good, I feel good, and I weigh what God needs me to weigh.

I am a giver. It’s more blessed to offer than to receive. I really like to provide! I’ve lots of money to offer away all the time.

Work is sweet. I take pleasure in work. Glory!

Ache can’t efficiently come towards my body because Jesus bore all my pain.

I don’t permit the devil to make use of my spirit as a garbage dump by meditating on adverse issues that he gives me.

I don’t converse unfavorable things.

My youngsters love to wish and research the Word. They freely and boldly reward God.

I walk within the spirit all of the time.

All that I personal is paid for. I owe no man anything except to like him in Christ.

I obtain speaking engagements in individual, by telephone, and/or by mail daily.

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