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Evidence of Sodom is Tall el-Hammam

Evidence of Sodom is Tall el-Hammam

The lengthy lost city of Sodom is now a scorching matter. Simply final week there were dozens of news gadgets with titles corresponding to:

Above: View of Tall el-Hammam

Some news websites are displaying higher evidence than others. But some, such because the Washington Submit, seem to avoid listing any evidence at all, urgently concluding: “In fact, though the truth of this city is not unsure, there is little proof that it is truly the Bible of Sodom. Articles can make it obscure what real evidence is. So right here's my greatest abstract of all the main evidence that Tall el-Hammam is a long-lost Bible City in Sodom.

In 2013, I used to be pleased to report back to the mine's main archaeologist. , Dr. Steve Collins. Here's his prime testimony of Sodom at Tall el-Hammam, which is compiled from my notes. All this info could be found on Dr. Collins' website, particularly here and here, or his e-book about discovering a city in Sodom.

Above: Minoan pottery found in Tall el-Tooth and text

The Bible text says:

”Now before they calm down, the lads of the town, the lads of Sodom, both young and old, all individuals Across the quarter, surrounded by a home. They usually referred to as Lot, and stated to him, "Where are the men who came to you tonight?" Deliver them out to us so we will feel them carnally. ”(Genesis 19: 4-5)

Dr. Collins has discovered Minoan pottery on its website, which tells concerning the potential Sodom / Minoan connection. While analysis is in progress, this may give a tremendous concept of ​​what's happening. Historian Strabo stated that the Minoan culture had a case the place older males kidnap younger boys and rape them during a sort of journey (Strabo's Geography, 10.Four.21). Dr. Collins' own words:

“Every boy who was 12 years old was admitted as a" loved one "by a 22-year-old eraser (" lover ") who was lifted for eight years in a male-male sexual relationship. It was usually started with a ceremony of abduction by a gang of ritual robberies sent by an older male. The practice has been formalized and everywhere in the Minoan culture. The boys could not be regarded as properly trained male citizens unless they got into this process. ”(22.Four.2013 TEH Replace Publication, emphasis added)

Above: The actual video is nonetheless a a lot smaller blowout event in Russia in 2013.

There is convincing proof that a major air burst occasion destroyed the town. Trinitis was discovered behind the ceramic plate. As well as, a zircon bubble was found which may solely be shaped at extreme temperatures. There is often no burn within the gate space, however its gate area is coated with half a meter thick black ash. Fragile human bones all through the location recommend that folks have been literally blown out of the incident.

This event was just like what happened lately in Russia in February 2013. If the meteor in Russia was solely ten per cent larger and the more direct route would in all probability have killed a million individuals or more, producing air blew extra in 1908 with the Siberian Tunguska air cushion, which produced 1000 occasions stronger explosion than the atomic bomb that dropped to Hiroshima.

A meteor, which causes a big air explosion, can move so shortly and penetrate the environment at such a excessive fee that it may actually create a vortex-like impact, the place the floor material is absorbed into the environment after which "rained" back under.

This is in keeping with the Genesis e-book, during which it says,

“Then the Lord rained upon the tombstone and hearth from Sodom and Gomorrah, the Lord of heaven … And Abraham went early in the morning the place he was standing In entrance of the Lord. Then he seemed towards Sodom and Gomorrah and the entire plain towards the land. and he noticed, and see, the smoke of the earth that rose up because the smoke of the furnace . "(Genesis 19:24, 27-28)

: The substance would have been absorbed and would seem" rain "back down.

An air discharge event might additionally explain the interpretation of Lot's spouse into a salt pillar. The Bible says that Lot's wife "looked back and became a salt-pillar." "Look back" was in all probability greater than only a quick assessment, however a deep longing to return again. It is quite attainable that he stopped when others continued; perhaps he began walking alone. In both case, when the air burst occurred, it introduced 6-8000 levels Kelvin. If it splashed with water, it will cowl the whole panorama with salt. As a result of of the very high temperature, anybody along the seashore, together with Lot's wife, would have died immediately, utterly encased in salt.

Above: Tungus air after the 1908 occasion, timber knocked 10-15 megatons of TNT (1000 Hiroshima atomic bombs).

There are two explanation why Sodom should have been the greatest "city level" within the Bible text: it is the only city that was mentioned by itself and the King of Sodom appeared to be the speaker of all others (Gen. 14: 17-24).

Tall el-Hammam is the most important historic city within the 100 hectare area. By comparison, Jericho has 10 acres. Jerusalem was 10 acres in the course of the Bronze Age. In reality, Tall el-Hammam held the most important city for two 200 years.

Above: The incorrect shade that exhibits the breadth of the town walls

Genesis 19: 1 says, "The LORD sat in the gate of Sodom." The which means of the gate signifies that it had a wall system. The wall can be in keeping with the most important city in the area (see above). The Tall el-Hammam excavation exhibits that the town had a powerful fortified, refined wall system. The higher ramp was made completely of eight m thick and less than 35 m thick mud bricks. The building took 60-90 million curvy stones. More particular is that every different Levant ramp system consists of packed filth


Genesis 13: 10-12 says:

”And he raised his eyes and saw every part Jordan, that it was very soldered (before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah) because the Backyard of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, whenever you go in the direction of Zoar. Then Lot selected all of Jordan's plateau and Lot traveled east. They usually divorced. Abram lived in the land of Canaan, and Loot lived in cities and settled in tent even in Sodom. "

The Hebrew language has four words" ordinary "and this is not one of them. The phrase used is kikkar and literally means "disk" or "circle". More than 50 occasions it refers to metallic talent, round, annular plate. Or it refers to an extended round of bread. The world the place Dr. Collins's website is situated actually seems like a disc.

Moreover, in accordance with the Bible text, Lot was capable of carry his eyes and watch all the Jordan disc directly (Gen. 10). If a person is standing within the West wanting east in the direction of Tall el-Hammam, they’ll see the Kikkari's complete disc-shaped space simply as Lot did, on the other end of Sodom.

<img class = "alignnone wp-image-5266 size-large" src = "https://geekychristian.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/kikkar-water-1024×767.jpg" alt = " The Greatest Moist Space [19659032] The Bible says that when lots selected his country, he lifted his eyes and saw all the Jordan plateau that was soaked all over the place (before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah), just like the Garden of the Lord, just like the land of Egypt, once you go to Zoar. ”(Genesis 13:10) When Sodom was situated, it have to be in a well-moistened area.” The Collins website is in reality the perfect agricultural area of ​​the region.

Genesis 13 says that Abraham and Lot stayed in Bethel and Ain once they decided to attend. Betel and Ai are about 12 kilometers north of Jerusalem. This space is stated, "And Lot lifted his eyes and saw all Jordan [kikkar, disc] ." 10) Lot selected the land of Jordan, which his eyes noticed he / she "traveled east" (verse 11) "even to Sodom" (verse 12). This describes exactly the way you arrive in the present day at Tall el-Hammam: begin at Bethel / Ai and travel east to the east finish of the Kikkari album.

As said in the previous paragraph, Genesis 13: 10-12 repeatedly mentions the scallop in Jordan . Properly there is no Jordan to the south of the Lifeless Sea.

Prime: Sodom and surrounding cities

The Bible seems to describe the cities of Sodom / Gomorrah and Admah / Zeboiim in pairs or "duplicates." (Genesis 10:19; Genesis 14: 8; De. 29:23) These cities of Transjordan all the time look like south to north. This is because coming from Egypt would come from the south, to the north, to the east of the Lifeless Sea. They might then come to the kite and hit Sodom first. Dr. Collins says from the south to the north to make the order good:

”Sodoma (the most important city), a brief trip to Gomorra (Sodom satellite), an extended trip to Admah (the second largest metropolis), a short distance to Zeboiim (two cities)). This reflects the logic that Sodom and Gomorrah can be very close collectively, reminiscent of Admah and Zeboiim. But as a result of they’re related to two "duplicates", it follows that there was a higher distance between the duplicates than the key cities and their satellites. "(Supply)

The names of these surrounding excavations are:

" Tall el-Hammam (the most important metropolis, fortified), a short distance to the north of Tall Kefrein (a small city), an extended distance from NNE and Tall Nimrin (metropolitan, fortified), brief distance from ENE to Tall Mustah and Tall Bleibel (two small towns which are extremely shut – only via Wadi Nimrin). ” Individuals thought that the world was cursed. On this case, there is no mention of any individuals dwelling on this area on the time of Exodus, which is surprisingly what was as soon as the most important metropolis in a really perfect and plush place.

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