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Escape Pod 604: Enough despair

Adequate Despair

Bogi Takács

Ice Cream Container

Ceramic Mug, Brown, One Inexperienced Strip across the Rim

Smartphone – I do not recognize the brand.

Two corn bands

Tender larva with a cartoon.

Table – fairly worn out, I'd say Danish trendy, however I'm unsure.

I want a break

Taking a look at objects for hours, it takes me, though I shouldn't do anything with them. I remove a helmet that stores my response to the photographs and waves my palms around my chair to seek out my forearm on my arm. My eyes proceed to adapt to a sensory totally different stream. I perceive one armpit; one drops loudly on the floor.

The little Purple Circle rises to me, scoops two of his tent across the crown and provides it to me. I looked at her and rub my eyes with my free hand. "Thank you," mutelin. His colour appears to be extra pale than normal, pinker than purple.

”How do you do? Are you okay? “He says Oszkár Gáin, each Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, with the voice of the Hungarian cop. Before the attack.

I solely resist. The ankle sprain is getting higher, however after that there’ll certainly be one other damage and the opposite. Foreigners do not likely perceive that engine coordination issues get worse if I don't get enough sleep they usually assume eight hours of sleep ought to be sufficient for a standard individual.

“Tell me about a Danish modern sometimes,” Stallone provides:

Bypassing other staff in a slender corridor as they stare. I don't hobble on the dugouts, I’m. I’m a really, excellent. My shoulder, in fact protest, but to be trustworthy, I'm extra shortly than underneath the arms unhurt on my ft. No, they are typically intact lately.

"Vera," somebody shouts at me. I turn shortly, slip, fall into a stranger. I'm nonetheless making an attempt to dismantle my limb and mute his apology when Kati grabs me, his two thick darkish pink bangs on his shoulders.

"What is it?" Kati asks. "This is not an ordinary break."

"I earned twenty-three minutes. And I felt that I really needed it, ”I say. "Let's go up the roof?"

are strolling. The slower I’m going, the extra my shoulders harm.

Lean towards parapet. At a distance, the ruins of the Pannonhalma monastery are still smelly. How is it potential? It has been so lengthy after the assault. I ask, ask Kati if he knows.

”There’s a group on the prime of a hill. A pacifist anarchist species like Two-Tailed Dog or one thing but a special identify. I haven't heard of them before. "

depressions. Foreigners only seem to care concerning the militants. I feel if I needed to simply walk out of the compound, be a part of the group. We’ve got not seen individuals who have traveled just lately; I used to be questioning if there were any stragglers yet.

"Not worth it," Kati says. He can guess what I feel – he all the time says that my emotions are clearly written on my face.

I know it's not value it. One thing is that my armpits are a lot more durable to make use of on uneven surfaces. And earlier than I hold the painkillers and the occasional chest. Though no less than I’ve not needed a while for plaster. How do I find this in the wilderness?

If not dyspraxia, I might run away way back. I nonetheless like it.

I swear my life.

Picture ebook, in Swedish

A-ballpoint pen

A type of succulent plant planted in a glass jar

A ax with a purple handle

A flat-screen TV seems to be like Samsung.

A big crucifix made from silver

. I'll take the helmet off, I’m going again to my front room in the identical constructing. Ten of us on every white wall for white plastic storage.

Wardrobes will not be; we use what we’ve proven every morning. Often something gray with small blue spots. Foreigners love the color gray with small blue spots.

The large blue triangle calls Will Smith to move more cautiously in Hungarian so I don't harm myself once more. I saw the actor, Arthur Kálid, within the play before the attack. I’m wondering if he's nonetheless alive and if he ever meets his alien talking together with his phrases

I fall asleep day by day as rock. I try to pressure myself to remain awake for just a few minutes, just to offer myself time to my own ideas. Foreigners drive us mercilessly as they swell that we are all volunteers. Human Supported Classification.

Why is Stallone enthusiastic about Danish Trendy?

Bag Chio chips, peanut flavor.

Small spoon – teaspoon, I feel

couple of yellow candlesticks

Small white board.

Days go together.

Hanging a Macramé Wall.

Pocket knife.

Brown paper bag.



Accrued off-time: three hours to forty-three minutes. The ankle is best and I can walk with out crowns. It have to be sufficient. I'm sleepy. Uneven floor

I walk.

We aren’t technically limited to a compound. There’s hardly any cause to go away. We aren’t technically pressured.


Giant oak tree

Elevated drainage.


My mind is stuck in an object marking mode. I’m wondering if it is everlasting.

All of us do to outlive. I just need to know what these others are doing. I ought to have brought my armpit with me – what if I needed to stay?

The street uphill.

Burnt Houses

To the Other Aspect: Remnants of Botanical Gardens


Pannonhalma Monastery, Grounded.

Pannonhalma monastery

Deserted camp.

Shortly assembled tents.

Tuna can now maintain cigarettes

Wind blew far-reaching sounds.

I rotated and I see an alien compound, smoldering. My mind can solely imply not perceive.

Padded semi-darkness.

Rusty frames.


“You're a compound? There on the plains? “Visible sticky face. Teenage boy

Sound something.

"I didn't realize there were survivors," he says. "I'll let you sleep."

The subsequent morning my brain works higher. The topic body pressured body pale to the background. I sit on the boy's surface, sipping scorching nettle tea. Her identify is Brúnó and she or he has cinnamon brown curls. He describes what has occurred: the pacifist angle was all action, Charade, when the militants smuggled into the arms, brought a small military to the hill one after the other, occupied the vineyards that have been dug into the hillside beneath lots of of hundreds

"What did you do there?" He asks.

“Marking of items for foreigners. You sit and your computer show you things and they store the answers the brain does. Something like this. ”

” What is a Level? "

" They always told us they wanted to rebuild. "

Then it hits me – and I'm nonetheless too exhausted even to cry, and I didn’t know anybody Katin addition, socializing just isn’t encouraged – but I knew Kati and I can hardly consider that I ought to begin to grief.

I can't; I just can't. I'll reserve it later if later. I have lost so much. I refuse to think about my family – I feel they are still alive someplace, in a unique combination, at a unique angle in Hungary that has been safely poured. I refuse to think about my buddies. I refuse to consider my life. My former life. I refuse to think about scorching chocolate and video video games and narrowing the talk, my buddies and I think about that someday I'm famous on the web. I refuse – what do I even assume?

I flip away from Brúnó, staring at the cute afternoon. Is it spring or autumn? Every little thing has turn out to be undefined

The subsequent day I pull Brúnó from the hill, or moderately he pulls me, my ankle continues to be painful. Downhill is worse than uphill; I'm by no means positive why. He pulls me and I urge him when he tries what numerous compounds he has tried and failed: to disclose the motives of foreigners.

Raze, then rebuild? "Maybe it's a different group," he suggests, and he has some extent – why do foreigners type one homogeneous group? However there was nothing I might have seen during my working hours to recommend a special difference between a single movie sound and one other.

"But how do you know that these foreigners are the same foreigners who bombed us back to the stone year?"

We're virtually back to the compound.

I needed to be rattling ruins and I obtained them. Once I slider and slides between rocks, half-melted plastic items with lumpy edges and undefined heaps, I perceive that I'm not going to seek out Kati here.

Let's go back to the camp and find him on prime of the hill

This is too huge an issue. I am glad to see Kati, but that is an excessive amount of. We stare at each other. His left ankle is immobilized between two thick branches of a tree and a unclean brush.

"Are you an expert," he says with a masked, painful smile.

"I left the crutches back into the compound," I resist; they’ve melted into slag

”I needed to get you caught once I noticed you walking out, I discovered and fell. Stepped into the opening or something. It took me a day to rise up the hill and find help, ”he says. The troopers helped him. Perhaps they might assist me? Perhaps it will be proper?

Individuals sing marching songs – I vaguely acknowledge previous communist melodies with new lyrics. I’m wondering if somebody cares about them as originals. I only know them because it was my interest to gather these recordings, publish them on YouTube. I don't think of a loss. I don't assume anything is missing from the world, bits and bytes scattered. I'm not –

"Tomorrow we're going," the thrillers Brúnó for me, and earlier than he can break, I'll seize his shoulder.

“We're Going Where?”

“The Next Battle! “He shakes my hand, runs away.

I don't need to battle. I simply need to stay alone on a comfortable sofa with a laptop while watching the occasional shit on the web. What, perhaps 5 foreigners died – and how many dozen staff? Other individuals can do that and be pleased about the whole lot I care about.

At the very least Kati does not seem to be enthusiastic, sitting with a half-round pillow with him in a bag filled with straw. "I'm not going to march anywhere," he declares to Brún, who is busy forwards and backwards. He shrugs and responds: “Then we depart you here. No lifeless weight. "

He hit him on his head with an open palm, however he laughs at it, thinks I was simply joking. Does not acknowledge his personal cruelty

I’m lying down on the floor of a prudent, busy myself by recalling the pictures off earlier than going to bed. It provides me an odd, embarrassing peace. Now, once I can do what I would like, I'm stunned that I would like this. Routines might be comforting.

Weighted, sliced ​​in half

Empty window manufactured from wood.

Sack of potatoes, about five kilos, to provide or obtain

In the event that they need to know what this stuff are, why not just ask us?

From above, I hear their planes rolling. So many flying plates quietly. None of them have landed close to the destroyed compound, nobody got here to seek survivors. However perhaps now?

I hope I might have a small purple circle. I might tie him in a chair and interrogate him. He tore with Arnie's voice, and I discovered him with a gun like Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell. Not with my naked hand, which Brúnó can even drop and giggle. I might have hit each. My freshness surprises me; I draw from my very own thoughts.

In this second I hate every little thing and everyone with pure, tons of of evidence of hate. And I also know that I’ll return to another work compound for foreigners. If nothing else, I fake to myself that I Infiltrator, which seeks to scale back the bikers heartless and brutal, brutal violent individuals. Profitable with mysterious, not overwhelming pressure.

It's not the last word – power fantasies never do. Once I put the console in sleep mode, it's all the time over. When was the final time I played a video game?

Once I take into consideration this, sleep requires me and I can’t wake up till the subsequent morning – restless, but very stressed.

The Mars column departs and all the accommodation we acquired was that we didn't want to attach a full-size army additional backpack to our shoulders. Brúnón also needs to help us, but I will ship him ahead so that I could make some ready-made, meaningless messages to our division's marching champion, whereas Kati and I are getting into the other way to the place we will see a flying saucer behind the landing Mäki. We don't need to stick with the militants and we don't assume we will survive on our personal. That is the choice we’ve.

Troopers don't care. What's good, because our two women march slowly, loudly with all of our alternatives, what we will produce.

I don’t think about the move of the sport, I don’t think about the stream of the sport, I don’t assume how I lose my circulate of play and all its moments value of cuss and all the fantastic ridicule.

I just consider Sam Fisher, who penetrates into the enemy compound. I am considering of Arnold Schwarzenegger, California's late governor, the epic action-maker of the earlier era.

I pull off the heads of aliens.

"Welcome back, Earthlings," Will Smith says, and I don't know if it's the identical alien, an enormous blue triangle or the other. His shade is totally different and his texture is all puckered, but I do know they will change the demand, like cephalopods.

Take a look at the photographs and my gaze might burn a hole on the planet

Flagpole, which is right for individuals to stick to the abdomen.

Empty glass Coke bottle, superb for Molotov cocktails.

An egg cup that’s best for blocking individuals's cucumbers.

I whispered, I attempt to look away, but the photographs proceed, guiding the helmet to the visual cerebral cortex.

A candlestick that’s good for individuals's heads.

Pink flower pot that is good for individuals's heads.

An previous gramophone that is good for individuals's heads.

"No, no, no," Keanu Reeves says – this can be a new alien; I don't keep in mind the actress's identify. "This is not good. You know the information! All the offers!"

He tore my helmet's head and stood. 19659004] "Did you figure it out?" He sees. mute one thing comprehensible Does he vowed then: "I always thought that one could find underneath my watch it must be my watch; it has to be what should I do with you..?"

I'm shaking hardly repressoitunutta rage "my.?. should you tell me what to do? What about a nice comfortable sofa and a jar of sweets? "

" Th-it can be arranged, "he muttered and realized that he was critical. Hmm

She starts shaking, blowing and deflating alarmingly shortly. We consider in unity, however for very totally different reasons. "I can't just kill you," he says, grinning. "In addition, the recordings have already been sent to the center."

"Explain," grimace him. "Explain before I can gas." Do I really have an higher arm?

Perhaps as a result of he explains. “It's not really about identifying items. These are their offers, which means what can be done with them. We record immediate implicit reactions. In particular, we try to identify which items may be used as weapons. There is a sign… ”

” And? “I don't see where that is going.

He spread its tentacles gesture, which I'm positive he discovered from its staff – the helplessness of the display. “I saw your information. Everything can be a weapon. Everything can be seen as a weapon. ”

I take a look at her. I perceive that I squeezed my palms and slowly I found my fingers. If this have been a movie, blood would fall from my palms to a minimal.

Have I just condemned a human species?

We will use the whole lot as a weapon

. me, the whole world. But one thing doesn't make sense

. “You bombed us on the wreaths. Why should you know about our weapons? ”

He does not answer. His movements stop. Has he breathed? After which I understand – Brúnó was proper. These are usually not civilians who destroyed civilization. They don’t seem to be. They are opportunists, bottom feeders, here to fill the empty area of interest abruptly. Maybe those who attacked us have been not apprehensive once we have been not in peril.

Perhaps. It is sensible

. “That's why the militants could take your combination so easily. You are weaklings. ”

He says nothing. His pores and skin slows down slowly. Is he afraid of me? If they are weaklings, what does it do for us – what does it get for me, with a vast display of rage? I abruptly feel raw, uncovered, indignant with my anger and giving pure existential worry.

"So what's happening now?" I whisper

Keanu turns away. Is he more disgusting than afraid? He speaks quietly, virtually gently. “The information has been sent. The center will decide. ”

I’m going again to the dormitory built to the identical specs because the previous one, every compound is nearly accurate.

I need to cease being. I can't even cry

Was it actually the primary one that acquired so indignant, so desperate, so livid? Definitely there had been others, individuals murdered with their family, the whole way of life was destroyed. Definitely it couldn't have been me. Then again in the compounds, individuals are volunteers. Co-operation partners.

Half a seat, half fell over the bed, turn to Kat and attempt to stop the explanation. I crumble the tears halfway, I keep in mind the egg cup, which is probably the most innocent of all family products. For me – the plates are already above, flowing into area, out of the ground. Foreigners depart. Fleeing?

They not need to do anything with us.

I feel Danish Trendy, hug Kati and endlessly, endlessly crying.


The science of the story was extrapolated from Shenoy P, Tan DS (2008): Human Supported Calculation: Using implicit human processing to classify photographs. SIGCHI Conference on Human Elements in Pc Methods: 845-854.