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50 Inspirational Harriet Tubman Quotes about Life and Freedom

Harriet Tubman Quotes

Last updated on Might 27, 2019

The time of slavery was a dark interval for African People in the USA. Within the 19th century, states have been divided on the difficulty of slavery. Closure supported by the north and the southern demanded slave labor in its thriving cotton business.

Harriet Tubman was one of many dying penalty. Tubman turned a Maryland escaped slave, who turned an necessary historical determine because his duties have been to save lots of different slaves, his position in civil warfare and his participation in ladies's voting rights.

Early Life in Slavery

  Harriet Tubman Quotes

Harriet Tubman was born in Araminta Ross Maryland sometime round 1820. Totally different sources differ from when he was born. Tubman himself didn't know his birthday. He was the Fifth Youngster of 9 Slaves from Harriet Green and Ben Ross

Araminta or Minty was awarded to other households from the age of 5 to work as a nanny. She stayed at night time watching a baby. Each time the infant shouted, Tubman was taken away.

He suffered a critical head damage when he refused to assist the grasp punish a good friend when he left with out permission. The grasp threw a heavy metallic weight into the escaping slave, but missed and hit Tubman. Tubman did not obtain medical remedy for his injuries, because of which he had all his life seizures, a headache, a spell of sleep and a dwelling dream

He married a free African American John Tubman in 1844. He accepted his mother's first identify and husband's surname, probably getting ready for his pakoonsa. Unfortunately, her husband didn’t help his plans, and he alone.

Escape from Slavery

  Harriet Tubman Quotes

  Harriet Tubman Quotes

About 1849 Tubman escaped. He finally obtained Pennsylvania to help Underground Railroad, a network of individuals and locations that helped slaves escape. The underground railway consisted of abandoning, free African People and other activists who offered protected houses and escape hubs for slaves.

The tough childhood of Tubman and his imprisonment confirmed his willpower to free his individuals, especially his family. He felt that without his household his freedom meant nothing. He returned to Maryland a number of occasions to help other slaves escape.

Tubman used artistic strategies in his duties. Utilizing the North Star on his means, he traveled at night time. Her trips have been typically delayed as a result of she wanted to hide from slaves.

Tubman made about nineteen rescue operations over eleven years and helped some 300 slaves escape. That’s the reason the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison referred to as his identify "Moses," referring to the ebook of the Bible prophet, Exodus, which led the enslaved Hebrews from Egypt.

Position in Civil Warfare

  Harriet Tubman Quotes

  Harriet Tubman Quotes

The American Civil Warfare broke out in April 1861 on slavery. Tubman helped the cause of the Union, which he noticed as equally essential in eliminating slavery. He was initially a nurse for a sick soldier.

When President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Declaration, in 1863 Tubman's position in the struggle went from a nurse to a patrol and a spy. He led 150 black soldiers on Combahee Raid and launched over 750 slaves. He was the primary lady to steer such an armed attack within the conflict.

The Civil Warfare ended with the release of the Accomplice Military in 1865 and the abolition of slavery. Tubman returned to New York the place he had purchased a small plot in Auburn.

Postwar Life

Tubman labored for several jobs to help his household in Auburn. Despite heroism, he continued to reside in poverty. He did not obtain a pension from the US authorities. Solely in 1899, when he appealed to Congress for advantages, the government finally recognized his position in warfare and gave him a monthly pension.

When slavery was removed in america, Tubman campaigned for ladies's voting rights. He spoke for ladies's rights and emphasised equality between males and ladies with their very own experiences.

He died in 1913 of pneumonia, which was poor however surrounded by family and buddies.


Tubman's continued help for the well-being of others has earned him the respect and admiration of people everywhere in the world. He turned an necessary symbol of the American wrestle for civil rights and equality. In accordance with his identify, dozens of monuments and faculties have been named, together with Harriet Tubman's underground railroad monument in 2013.

Harriet Tubman went via years of utmost problem and spent the remainder of his life making an attempt to alleviate the suffering of others. He is extensively considered the hero of African People in his battle towards slavery and ladies's rights. At this time, Tubman is seen as a task mannequin for his courage, power, and infinite dedication to promoting the rights of others.

Listed here are several unforgettable quotes from Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman Quotes

“When I found that I had crossed this line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person.” – Harriet Tubman

years, and i can say what most conductors can't say – i have never dropped a practice off the monitor and i’ve never misplaced a passenger. ”- Harriet Tubman

“ I grew up as a neglected weed, – ignorance of freedom that had no experience of it. Then I was not happy or satisfied. "- Harriet Tubman

" I told the Lord I was going to catch you, and I know you see me through. ”- Harriet Tubman

“ God's time is always close. He placed the North Star in heaven; He gave me strength in my limbs; He meant that I should be free. "- Harriet Tubman

" Always remember that you have the power, the patience and the passion for you to move the stars to change the world. ”- Harriet Tubman

“ If you hear dogs, continue. If you see burners in the forest, continue. If you yell at you, go on. Never stop. Stay going. If you want a taste of freedom, go on. "- Harriet Tubman

" Twant me, "Lord. I always told her, “I trust you. I don't know where to go or what to do, but I expect you to lead me, "and He always did." – Harriet Tubman

"I had justified this in my mind; I had one of the two things I had the right, the freedom, or the death; if I hadn't, I would have another; for no one keeps me alive. "- Harriet Tubman

" I am at peace with God and all mankind. ”- Harriet Tubman

” I feel I see a line. And over that line I see green fields and pretty flowers and lovely white ladies whose arms prolong over this line, but I don't seem to get there. I don't seem to cross this line. ”- Harriet Tubman

” I received a thousand slaves. I might have released a thousand extra if solely they knew they have been slaves. ”- Harriet Tubman

” I had crossed the road. I was free; but nobody might want me free. I used to be a stranger abroad. "- Harriet Tubman

" I feel slavery is the subsequent factor to hell. If any person despatched one other to slavery, he seems to me to be dangerous enough to ship him to hell if he might. "- Harriet Tubman

" Now, I have been free, I do know what a terrible state of slavery is. I have seen a whole lot of fleeing slaves, but I have never seen one that was ready to go back and be a slave. "- Harriet Tubman

" I’ve heard their groaning, and their lives and see their tears, and I gave every drop of blood in my veins to free them. "- Harriet Tubman

" And I prayed to God to make me robust and capable of battle, and for that I am all the time praying all the time. "- Harriet Tubman [19659002]" Oh God! You’ve got been with me in six issues, don't lose me in the seventh! " No one takes me again to life; individuals see me and tried to sell me. , however once. ”- Harriet Tubman

“ Stop searching for happiness in the same place you lost. The change does not break the old, it builds new ones. ”- Harriet Tubman

” Taiste for more freedom as long as my power lasted, and if time went on, the Lord will permit them to take me. "- Harriet Tubman

" You're going to be free or lifeless! "- Harriet Tubman

" Once I was lying sick in my mattress, from Christmas to March I all the time prayed for a nasty ole master. “Pears as I did nothing, but I pray for being a champion. "Oh, Lord, turn to be a champion;" "Oh, dear Lord, change the heart of man and make him a Christian." "- Harriet Tubman

" I never had any good, no sweet, no sugar; and that sugar, for my part, seemed so nice, and my lover's back turned to me when he fought with her husband, so I just put my fingers in the sugar bowl to take one time, and maybe he heard me because he turned and saw me. The next minute he had a rough down. ”- Harriet Tubman

” I feel there are lots of slaveholder battles in heaven. They don't know better. They work in accordance with the light they’ve. "- Harriet Tubman

" Learn my previous letter to my aged and give my love to them, and all the time tell my brothers to take a look at prayer and when a superb previous ship with Zion ought to be able to board. "- Harriet Tubman

" I had two sisters who have been transported in a sequence – considered one of them left two youngsters. We have been all the time stressed. "- Harriet Tubman

" In my goals and visions I seemed to see a line, and on the opposite aspect of the line have been green fields and pretty flowers and lovely white ladies who stretched their palms over me, but I couldn't get them. I've all the time fallen before the road. "- Harriet Tubman

" A lot of the continents are very poor, virtually bare. I try to discover locations for many who can work and give them as much opportunity as potential to lighten the burden on the federal government, as they study to respect themselves by earning their own lives. "- Harriet Tubman

" "Pears like my coronary heart burst, float and then they will say," Peace, peace, "as much as they want – I know it's struggle! – Harriet Tubman

”Quakers are virtually nearly as good as colored ones. They call themselves associates and you possibly can trust them every time. "- Harriet Tubman

" I've heard & # 39; Uncle Tom & # 39; s Cabin & # 39; read, and I will inform you that Mrs. Stowe pen has not begun to color what I've seen slavery in the far south. I've seen the actual thing, and I don’t need to see it at any stage or in any theater. ”- Harriet Tubman

“ Never snake snakes; kill it. "- Harriet Tubman

" Most slaves struggled against this indifference to their desires. They designed love-like and cemented trade unions at ceremonies. "- Harriet Tubman

" The Slave Marriage could be great and festive. ”- Harriet Tubman

” Slave mother and father lived in terrible horror once they separated their youngsters. This worry, maybe more than some other facet of the establishment, revealed profoundly the inhuman horror of slavery. ”- Harriet Tubman

” Every great dream begins with a dreamer. ”- Harriet Tubman

to all the things; the sun got here like gold via the timber and over the fields, and I felt in heaven. ”- Harriet Tubman